A world without locks…


I’ve never been very good at falling asleep. I remember being five and already staying awake for hours in the dark. This was when I developed the habit of entertaining my head with stories, adventures, scenarios etc. Unfortunately if something upset me that day, it was very hard for me to not dwell on it, to the point it was tiresome. This is still an issue to this day, although I have learned how to switch that crap off much faster than before.

I also fall asleep faster. Rare are the nights where it takes two hours or three for me to finally switch off. Having a much calmer and uncomplicated person in my life has really helped.

Anyways, all this information to explain why the hell would I be thinking about a world without locks at 1am: I was trying to not think too much.

So: A world where nobody can lock anything. There are no locks of any kind. You cannot keep anything in a safe, anyone can enter your home, nobody can be locked up, anyone can get into your car etc, etc.

How would this world be? Would it be a land of horrors, where chaos ruled? Would it be crawling with thieves, hooligans, people hurting others (more than in the real world obviously)? Would it be a Madmaxian scenario, where people were armed, defending their homes? Would there be a different social structure? Would we be organized into clans for better protection? Yadda yadda yadda…


Would it be a world where people did not accumulate wealth (anyone could take it)? Would people be more equal? Would we behave better, because we had to (better not piss off your neighbor, he might come visit you while you sleep)? Would this freedom make people more aware of what is right and wrong? Would we have the latest iwhatever and the best flat screen tv knowing that the local beggar could walk in at any moment? Would we be ashamed? Would we even have our own homes?

What would be sold? What would be valued? What would… well, you get it, right? Just so many differences, all because of something as simple as a lock.

I fell asleep fast after starting to think about this. Still an interesting idea.


It’s official: Women ARE grumpier than men in the mornings | Mail Online


I’ll have to agree with this. My boyfriend is always lovely when he wakes up, no matter at what hour. If I wake him up in the middle of the night, he’s fine, he doesn’t even sound sleepy,  it’s strange.

Me, on the other hand, hehehe… erm. Let’s use two nights ago as an example: We went to sleep a bit earlier than usual, this means for me a harder time to fall asleep, as I am a bit of a night owl. That night it took me almost two hours to fall asleep, worse than usual, so I fell asleep at about 2am. My boyfriend was a bit nervous that day, because he was going to a new client, so he wakes me at 4:30 am by tapping my lightly on my back.

“I think I’m feeling ill”

“Oh no” I think. Adrenaline rush, body temperature rises, heart racing.

“I’ll, how?”
“I don’t know, I’m not sure I am feeling ill.”

“Either you are ill or you aren’t, what do you feel?” <- insert slightly annoyed tone

“I don’t know if my belly hurts”

“How do you not know if your belly hurts? Either it hurts or it doesn’t.”

“I don’t know cuz I’m still half asleep.”
“Well yeah, so am I.”

Took me another hour to fall asleep and get over  the adrenaline rush and the annoyance. 5:30 am, I fall asleep again.

7:30 am, he wakes up for work. I wake up when he gets out of bed. Inner mutter. Back to sleep. Wake up at 8:40. Inner mutter.

But then I’m fine again, takes me a while though. And I find all of this story oddly funny and cute.

Go figure.