Strange urge to color in (continued)

The latest result of my strange urge to color in is a bit more complex, and was just as entertaining, if not more, than the previous three. Still think it is weird to do this, but I can’t help myself.


Drawing Lord Varys

As the story of Game of Thrones frequently invades my mind, leading to many many minutes of doing nothing but thinking about its plots, characters, tactics, locations, this time it was Lord Varys’ turn. I couldn’t help but look back at all he has done, both in the t.v series and in the books and wonder if he is truly good. So far all I am sure is he is a better man than Littlefinger, but my scale is tipping to him actually being good.

As I wasted time thinking about this and not actually working (omg I can’t believe it is still tuesday), I drew this, with the help of my trusty Sketchbook pro app of course 🙂


Sketchbook pro to the rescue!


I was never very good at drawing faces. I am very much into symmetry, and at work I might even be a bit obsessive about it lol, but this is a major issue for me when I draw. I actually avoid drawing faces in my figures because I just let myself get affected by the fact that I can’t make them as symmetrical as they should be. So now that I finally purchased my new tablet (selected by my awesome and tech-savvy boyfriend), I bought Sketchbook Pro, and W00T! Symmetry galore!

I am quite aware that I am cheating my way out of something I have issues with, but I am hoping that this will help me visualize and then reproduce facial symmetry better. I am loving the app, it keeps me entertained for ages, and hopefully I’ll make some pretty cool things with it 🙂