While we are on the subject of buttons:

Back to my box o’buttons: Some are really old, and it shows. I made a Pinterest profile yesterday, put up my stuff, and some pictures I had in my tablets that I had found inspirational. Then I started pinning other things, among which hand painted buttons. That’s when I got the idea that I could easily give my old buttons a new face! So I grabbed my acrylic paints, and got to trying it out. Had plenty of fun painting in the tiny details and such (while watching a movie), but then my boyfriend asked me what would I do with my new buttons. Thought about it for a bit and decided that they would look pretty neat on my upcycled sardine cans! I did use flowers on my first one, so why not use these ones too? Here’s the makeover button, a before and after shot: image And the upcycled can idea where I could put it (and others I’ll eventually paint): image

My very first upcycled sardine can

Here’s a photo of my first upcycled sardine can. It was easy to make. All I needed was some nice magazine cut outs, laminate adhesive, to make the cut outs look shiny, a ruler, scissors, glue and these little flowers I bought in a local shop. I think I will make a picture frame out of it, or maybe something weirder, not sure yet 🙂