Gargoyle with an attitude – Road trip moment number 3

This one was taken in Coimbra, glad my boyfriend spotted it. Quite unique and worthy of a few laughs 🙂


P.s- I’ve been slacking on the blogging front, blame Witcher 2 :p

Road trip moment number 1

I’ll be adding some moments from my recent road trip. All random, no particular order. This moment was by far the oddest, and will fall under my “wtf moments” category. Imagine yourself reaching your destination, car slows down, you look to the side and you see this.

My facial expression must have been excellent at the time, because a tourist that was ‘admiring’ the same thing looked at me and started laughing. Of course I started laughing too.

In case any of you have any doubts, yes, this is a stuffed animal someone decided to ‘donate’ to the village.



Lisboa, Lisboa…

Yesterday I went out for a long walk with my better half, a sort of commemorative promenade to celebrate our five years together. The night was hot, but with some kind strokes of cool air to help us in our way.

The city was quite beautiful, if one would ignore the plague of fucking tags that has not so recently assailed it (seriously, António Costa, you really would make my day if you started punishing these disrespectful, ungrateful, useless and degenerate pricks for ruining my beautiful city). It was alive, more than I had ever seen at night. It was alive with music, colours, smells, foods, children, tourists, immigrants, dancing, art, and it was calm, pleasant, happy.


My boyfriend and I enjoy these long walks, and we tend to try new paths, most of the times they surprise us. It is so wonderful to have lived here most of my life and still have secrets to find. Last night it wasn’t the paths that surprised us, it was the multitude of people walking around us in such harmony, with so much to see and so much to do.


Overall, a wonderful night, with a wonderful visit to a local Turkish restaurant to kill my “saudades”… 😉

The irony of desti(nation)

Last week as I was walking down the torrid streets of Lisbon I saw these on the walls of an abandoned building.

The cool part, apart from the obvious solidarity and empathy between two distant countries that are undergoing tumultuous (yet different) times, is that I was there, walking down that street, because I had just finished the last details for my vacation in Turkey. 🙂

Definitely looking forward to it, tumultuous or not 🙂