Is it just me, or….? GoT spoilers ahead.

I know Lu Corfield has been cast as a Molestown Madame, but today, the good people at posted this. I think there is something strange about this. First of all, nothing is mentioned about her role on episode 3, and second of all, when you visit Lu’s imdb page , you’ll see nothing is mentioned about participating in Game of Thrones.

And if you look at her photo, and put a photo of Michelle’s next to her, you… well I…. well, you make your own conclusions:


Could Lu be playing Stoneheart? I know I’m obsessed about seeing her as soon as possible, but but… come on! Could be. No?

Whatcha think?

Edit: Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Methinks someone that knows what goes down on e3 has confirmed it IS the madame.

My quest for Stoneheart continues!


About the Red Wedding (spoilers)

Warning: this blog will contain spoilers for those who have not yet seen episode nine of season 3 of Game of Thrones (The Rains of Castamere), or have not read up to the end of the first half of the third book.

So a few days have gone by since I saw the episode. I was very curious about how it would be played out, how faithful to the book it would be, and how close to what I had imagined as I read the scene.

Going back a few months, when I was reading the Red Wedding scene, I could tell from the start that there was going to be trouble. Grey Wind’s reaction was the first clue, the fact that Cat respected and valued the direwolve’s reaction made it even more important. Then came the tense reactions from certain guests, the bad musicians, the Rains of Castamere… By the time it was all done, I shut my book, placed it on my lap, and sat there for a few minutes in utter silence as my boyfriend babbled away to his friends who were playing League of Legends.

After the long moment of silence, and not until the knot in my throat had dissolved, I really really wanted him to shut the fuck up, because I had something horrible to tell him (he only watches the series), but I knew I couldn’t. I then thought about telling my brother (he had only read up to book two), but I knew I couldn’t… I thought about telling my dad (series only)… couldn’t.


It’s like a tsunami was coming and I couldn’t warn them. Then I thought “It’s a book woman, calm the hell down”. But no, this is more than a book. How many times have you read something that affected you this much? I’ll tell you from my experience: once (oh great ladies of Avalon). So I have to say it: A Song of Ice and Fire is by far the most immersing, intense and entertaining story I have ever read, and I have to thank Mr. Martin for writing it.

Now, regarding the episode itself. Michelle Fairley was abso-fucking-lutely amazing! Her whole face was transformed from the beginning (it looked like she had been crying before the final cut, her eyes looked puffed, her face swollen, her voice scratched). Her acting was amazing, her voice was the vessel of dispair, everything so perfect. I hope she gets rewarded for this performance. Even though the very ending was different (she didn’t ‘flip out’ seeing bugs, Ned and scratching her own face), her last moment was just as good, it was just ”End me”.


To think before reading that part I was going on about how Cat needed a freaking break… I wasn’t hoping it would be with the help of a sharp blade sliding across her neck…

And Bolton… seriously guys, the part when she finds his chainmail? That split second he looked into her eyes? He looked like Tywin Lannister himself. I got chills just by looking at his face.

Overall a great job. They treated the most important part in the books (at least so far) with the utmost respect and care. I loved it. Thank you for not disappointing me.

Incoming spoilers regarding the season finale… Look away if you must.

I have read interviews of both Richard Madden and Fairley and whereas Richard talks about crying, showering, getting on a plane for his new acting job and then crying some more, Fairley is far more vague, she talks about the end but not like him, she mentions how emotionally drained she was after the scene, she goes on to talking about getting a haircut, like the haircut you get after you end a relationship… She kept it vague enough for me to be afraid Lady Stoneheart will not even appear in the series at all (it is a small part afterall, but I really hope they would include it, especially as a last scene for the season), yet vague enough for me to suspect it isn’t quite over for her…

Anyways… a few more days to go until I find out eh? *chews nails*

Episode nine reactions (spoilers)

My boyfriend was quite upset. He said his belly hurt. Kept saying “they killed them all”. I had to tell him a spoiler to calm him down a bit. Poor guy.
I prepared myself ahead of time (even though I read the books) so I wouldn’t cry, and I succeeded. Yay me!

I hope Lady Stoneheart EATS WALDERS FREY’S BLACK HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FUCKING TWAT!!! DIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!



I must admit I tried to film his reaction even though I know how hard it would be (he has amazing situational awareness), and I failed miserably. A few seconds after I pressed the camera button he asked me why I had my phone on. Doh!