Girl, u so dead.

Alternate heading: American Horror Story season 3, episode 12

IĀ  bring spoilers to those who have not seen the above mentioned episode! Look away, look a… ok? Ok!

So… *this* specific moment right here:


made me think our dear Fiona Goode was about to bite the dust. “But how? How could she bite the dust?” I thought to myself “And what was all that talk about her only having those two weeks left to live?”. I was under the impression that her deal with the voodoo deity was still standing, why wasn’t it standing?! Someone please explain.

Then of course, juuuust when you think to yourself for the first time “Oh there she goes again, yapping about her childhood memories and how yaddayadda, soooo drama queen…Who cares about your calico cat!?! “, you then have a split second when you just know that she has one second left before getting an axe to her back and


But seriously, besides that doubt I mentioned, doesn’t it just seem odd that the Supreme, with all her amazing powers (she does still have powers, remember how she owned Queenie at the beginning of the episode), could not mind control, clairvoy, telekenese or any other mumbojumbo her way out of this ‘perdicament’?

Misty says she’s gator food. Is she? Hmmm, I must admit I am a bit anxious to see the season finale, I hear the ending is quite unexpected.

Any ideas on who the next Supreme might be? Or if there will be a next supreme? Do you think Cordelia managed to avert what she saw in her vision?

Soooo curious hehe šŸ™‚


Fearful Pranks Ensue – Finally somebody turned up the heat! :D

American Horror Story season 3 started a few weeks ago and I have felt that something has been missing, something I liked from the previous seasons. I guess there is no avoiding it, but I missed being afraid.


I can say without a doubt that so far the only part that really affected me was the first few minutes of episode one, to be specific, Mme Delphine Lalaurie’s horror show. Horrible. In every way.

And that was it.

There was no racing pulse after that, no shock, no anxiety, nothing. I cannot complain about the acting, not with those ladies leading the show. It is a royal treat in that aspect, but where is my adrenaline dammit?

Then came episode 4.

Finally I felt the element of surprise, some fear, some anger, some sadness. Thank you!

Myrtle Snow (Francis Conroy) was superb! Denis O’Hare’s (Spalding) character really suprised me, as did Josh Hamilton’s ( Hank Foxx, you freak.). Poor Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) I really hope she ends up ok… they always manage to make her my source for anxiety lol šŸ™‚ .

It’s weird, but none of the main scary things scare me. The minotaur didn’t scare me, the zombies don’t scare me… Misty Day (Lily Rabe) scares me, Hank Foxx scares me, Spalding kind of gets to me. Still, this season has yet to give me shivers like the previous one. Does anybody else feel the same?

And no Angela Bassett, you don’t scare me either… yet.