Summer in bloom

It’s been a strange summer here, lots of rain, lots of sun, lots of wind, and loads of flowers. A few weeks ago we went to spend some time at the place up north, it is in a village so small that food is sold from a van, as there are no shops (2 churches though lol), and I was amazed with the amount and variety of flowers still around in the fields!

Here is a little collage of some of the prettiest ones we saw in one of our walks:



New things I painted!

Last post I said I was going to try to paint during my holidays, but I didn’t. I didn’t paint them during my holidays because¬† (‘yay’ ) my boyfriend’s boss told him she needed him the day before we were meant to head out to our road trip. So instead I painted my little pots and bottle during the weekend.

We were actually quite lucky that our hols got canceled, or rather, postponed, because the weather sucked that week, and we went the week after, and the weather was AWESOME!!!!!

I know I still haven’t posted all about my first hols, but I guess I’ll just add stuff as I feel like it. heck, it’s my blog and I’ll blog how I want to.

Here are some rather sucky quality photos of my latest creations. They look much nicer in person, but saddly my house isn’t as well lit as my mom’s hehe. I’ll replace the photo with better ones if I ever get around to it. I used the usual paints and also tried some new acrylic paints for fun, and I like them!




Day 1 – Lisbon to Ankara

I am back from my long overdue holidays to some place outside of my own country. Destination: Turkey.

Day one was a whole lotta flying, from Lisbon to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Ankara. The flights went well, had the best meal on air I had ever had (and also one of the best genuine Turkish meals I had during the holidays, weird, I know), and we sat next to a very nice Turkish gentleman who spoke to us about all the places we were going to visit over the course of the next week. Also, the airplanes had some good movies on, and I could play some games against my boyfriend, this made the flight much easier and seem faster.

Once we arrived at Istanbul, we realised we were the only people of the group that did not have their boarding tickets to Ankara with them. This was the beginning of a frantic race, from Turkish Airlines guy to Turkish Airlines guy, flapping e-tickets in their faces and each one telling us that we’d get our ticket further on. Good things our bags had wheels, we boarded to Ankara just in time, and a little sweaty.

This is the first time I was traveling with a group of strangers, all with the same travel agency. I have always done things without groups, and thus was a bit worried, if all those other people would get in the way of what I wanted to do and feel. They seemed nice enough, so after a while the concern stopped bugging me as much.

So finally, Ankara. Our bus dropped us off at the Ankara Swisshotel (it was dark by the time we arrived, but the city seems clean, (er, way cleaner than Lisbon) yet lacking personality (easy to say when you live in Lisbon). We took our bags up to our room, opened the door and I was like this:


Because the room was like this:






When I travel, I don’t do it for the hotel unless it’s one of those holidays where you just want your brain to melt into the horizon, where all you get is comfort and wonderful food, and walks by the ocean, blady bla… I actually never had one of those, but I bet that in a few years I’ll be needing one. I always value the cultural aspect of traveling more than the comfort aspect, but if I can get both, then who am I to say no?


Let the vacay commence!

My pessimism

I am most definitely a pessimist, I am easily demotivated and always assume the worst will happen when there is a 50/50 chance.

The best example I can find that is current is what happened yesterday: As you will see if you scroll down on my blog, I am planning a holiday. The first place I looked up offered a great price initially, but the price rose to a point I found unacceptable. So my boyfriend and I looked up in another place, that not only could not match the price of the first agency, but was even more expensive. Then we visited a third place, and the price seemed great, the lady at the agency told us that the price should be around 1.040 euros. Perfect. Only she could not give us confirmation as it was sunday, and confirmations could only be made on weekdays.

I went back on monday to see if she could confirm, and the expression on her face immediately made me see something was wrong. She told me we could go, but the supplement wasn’t 200 euros anymore, but 520 euros! Our holidays would cost 1.285 euros per person.¬† I was upset. She told me she’d send an email saying that it was her bad, that she had processed our request too slow, and see if they could lower the price, and said that she would also queue us up to a new supplement list, and we’d have a 50/50 chance of getting an even lower price: 934 euros per person.

So I give her the go ahead, go back to work, and what do I proceed to do?


I sulked like a little girl, I told my boyfriend I felt demotivated, that things never went well, that we never manage to do anything special, that we’d only manage to get proper holidays in 25 years after we had a kid and it grew and left the house (yes I went that far). All he did was tell me to keep calm, that the only thing that mattered is that we were happy together, and that we’d get the holidays we wanted. He even asked me if I wanted to try other places, like Paris or even travel within our own country. My answer was “choose whatever you want, I don’t care anymore”. Lovely, eh?

What the hell makes me behave like this? Why the defeatism? Why the sulking? Why do I do this? Not only do I expect the worst, I make it even worse, like I have to make it worse.

Once I got home, my boyfriend’s presence alone was enough to make it stop. I was ok again, and didn’t think about it more than twice the whole night. Like magic.

Well this morning the lady from the agency called, we are having our holiday afterall, and cheaper than before. I am happy, and feel that extra energy you get when things are going well. Still have that little pessimist devil whispering at my ear “there will be a fuckup, there will be a fuckup” but I intend to bitchslap it as soon as I manage to get to the agency today to pay.

Smell the flowers woman, and stop this crap.


Be happy, you are going on holidays


So, after a few years of no special holidays (still better than no holidays, I know), my boyfriend and I decide to go somewhere new. Turkey, all expenses payed, 8 days, 950 euros, wow… cheap! But then of course we want to go in July, so it’s more expensive… 995 euros, okaaaay, still cheap for all expenses and in a 4* hotel, with one internal flight and excursions with a guide and such. But then since I decided to book the hols so late, it’s 1.115 euros, 120 more per person… BUT… my boyfriend had to confirm with his boss that he could actually reeeeally go on hols then, and pay up without the risk of having him call him to work then… so, one day later aaaaand 40 more euros per person. Going now on 1.155 euros per person. Since I’d rather be safe than sorry, BAM! 22 more euros per person, insurance you see… 1.177 euros.

It’s reserved. I have the weekend to chew this over until it is a dry, hard lump (you know, like when you were a kid and your mother told you you couldn’t leave the table until you finished eating what you had in your mouth?). I hate spending money, and I hate seeing the value of what I have to spend grow as the minutes tick… grrrr. Really… grrr.

Update: I chewed it up and spat it out! Found the same for 1040 euros! WOoT!

A nice day I had in September

Nice company, nice food, nice sunset.

Sometimes it feels like we don’t have the time for these things, but when we do these things, the days seem longer and more meaningful. They are no longer a succession of meaningless, repetitive and forgetable moments.

Not hard to achieve, quite simple really, and you won’t forget them for a long time.