Bruised but happy

Recently I have decided to take my fitness a bit more seriously, to stop slacking so much and go to the gym at least three times a week. So far so more or less good haha!

I do go to all of my Taekwondo classes though, and with only two lessons a week, I can feel my body change, not  because of the horrible muscular pains I get two days later, and not only because of the wonderful blisters I am getting on my feet, and not even because of the gorgeous bruises I am accumulating on my legs (see photo) from kicking my lovely boyfriend, but because I feel muscles, glorious muscles, muscles I have not felt since I was a teenager who played basket, and volley and ran and this and that. My god, I even have muscles on my back (nothing visible, but they hurt like hell LOL!)

Behold! At 34, the body still reacts to small amounts of exercise (2x a week is small amount, even if I work hard).

I am quite happy that I am back to having fun on my Taekwondo classes. Soon we will have to buy protections for our exam, and that means we can fight more at ease, without the constant fear of hurting our partner a bit too much. I can’t wait to see what I can do if I use proper force!

I just hope my shoulder doesn’t pop out of place again :/

I wear them like medals, even of they are little medals. Hope they toughen up soon so I don’t feel as much pain.


Monday is out of the way, so smile


A pretty good monday as mondays stand.  Quite a bit of work done, a good chat with my sister, a good workout at the gym, my depressed granpa seems to be cheering up again, had fun watching some Dexter episodes (season 4, he just wrecked his car with a corpse in the trunk, tsc, babies can really ruin an assassin’s routine), aaand starting to focus on healthier meals at home, with less insta-foods! Overall a good day 🙂