Huzzah! Hannibal is renewed

The good people of NBC have finally decided to renew the amazing Hannibal series for a season two. Thank you so much NBC, but please, next time don’t leave us hanging for such a long time with a big empty in your “canceled/renewed” list, that was cold and cruel, especially when you were serving us such an amazing treat with every episode.
Congratulations to everyone in the Hannibal team! Keep up the awesome work and I look forward for more spectacularness!



I devoured all the episodes…

… and now I have to wait for more 😦 . Hannibal did not let me down, it just keeps on being amazing, episode after episode. I reeeally reeeally hope season two gets a green light. I cannot possibly imagine why it wouldn’t get one. It is so good in so many levels it just has to get it! This new version of Hannibal Lecter is different, but I am loving it just the same 🙂

Mads Mikkelsen’s interpretation of Lecter’s character is so captivating, from his fashion sense, to his poise, to his distant yet piercing eyes, to his tenebrous voice, to his advanced knowledge in the most difficult and specific fields, everything falls into perfection. Thank you Mads for your wonderful work.

Here’s a funny I made today, saw the photo and it looked just right:



I just watched my very first episode of Bryan Fuller’s “Hannibal” and I found it delectable. It really is my cup of tea, serial killers, psychoanalysis, special effects, empathy, manipulation, blood, urges, evil, schemes, elegance, the hunt, the dance between minds…Fantastic!


I have read, however, that a season two is not yet guaranteed, far from it actually. I cannot understand why. The only ‘flaw’ I could point out is Mads Mikkelsen’s accent being a bit too hard to understand at times, he should work on it just a bit…Correction: his vowel pronunciation should be worked on just a little bit, his accent makes him all the more exotic and exquisite though… so nevermind.

Great series in my opinion, at least so far, and the sneak preview of episode two made me all the more eager to continue with my viewing! And I see Gillian Andersen is up soon! Yay!

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