Aaaannnd now… The Mountain is recast

Yes ladies and gentlemen, another GoT recast it seems!

Ironically it is a recast of a recast I complained about this very day (see previous post): Ser Gregor Clegane III !

His name is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, Icelands’s strongest man, he stands at 6’9″, is 24 years old and has no previous acting experience. It certainly does not sound promising, but at least this guy actually looks like a mountain, unlike Gregor Clegane II, and he doesn’t really have to act, he just has to fight his ass off and bash… stuff in (saved ya from a spoiler there). Plus, if he keeps his helm on, I miiiight just be able to imagine Gregor Clegane I in it!

Here he is, in all his glory:


Daario Naharis has been recast


Yay, another recast…

So Michiel Huiman is to replace Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis. I was not a huuuuge fan of Skrein’s interpretation of the character, I thought he was a tad too mellow, not testosterone fuelled enough, but hey, I got used to it and hoped that in season three his temper and impulsiveness would be more evident. No clue as to why Skrein is being replaced yet, although the news has been confirmed since it IS in HBO’s website.

I really hate getting used to one image of a character (which was already totally different from the books), and then have it shuffled around altogether. I know crap like this sometimes has to happen, but it should be avoided as much as possible.

Which leads me to the WORST recast in the history of GoT: Conan Stevens replaced by Ian White. This recast, I must admit to my great shame, went right through me and I didn’t even realise it. Conan plays season  one, Ian plays season two. I didn’t even realise Gregor Clegane appeared in season two because of this. Sure I was baffled in Harrenhal when they mentioned Clegane’s name, but my brain just thought “huh? He’s not even there” and then proceeded to pay attention to the rest of the dialogue.

I know Conan Stevens left GoT to go to The Hobbit but was it really necessary to replace the actor in season two? Was Gregor’s presence in Harrenhal aaaall that important in season two? Did he say much? Did he do much? No. They should have simply not put him in season two and them brought him back in season four.

Conan Stevens has already said that he was not called to rejoin in season four, which is just about the most disappointing change I foresee so far. I was really looking forward to see Conan again in a scene just as epic as the one where he almost cut Loras in half. He is the MOUNTAIN dammit! Not the TALL LANKY GUY WHO LOOKS YOUNGER THAN HIS YOUNGER BROTHER.


HBO, please, stop it with the recasts if you can.

In all justice, Sandor Clegane (The Hound) is also one of my favourite characters

I recently mentioned who my favourite characters in A Game of Thrones were. I forgot to mention one: Sandor Clegane. In the middle of all the treason, corruption, hate, rape, filth, greed, lust and what-not, Sandor Clegane is a rock.
In the midst of his torments, his physical appearance and all the characters that supposedly can rule over him, he will do only what he thinks is right. “A hound will die for you, but never lie to you”.
I love the fact that he is the only man willing to protect Sansa, yet he is the only man that does not accept the title of “Knight”, whereas the other knights, supposed defenders of vulnerable maidens, will beat her and humiliate her at the King’s command.
This is not the only time Sandor shows his integrity, he faces his brother to defend Ser Loras from his brother, The Mountain that Rides (and just about the cruelest, most vicious and disgusting horrible character I have seen in the story).
There are also other examples of his integrity along the story, and I hope I get to see many more as I read on, or watch season 3 🙂

(Might upset more sensitive viewers) Sandor bravely enters the mass of angry townfolk (that killed several of the King’s men and the Septon) to save Sansa from a terrible fate.

… Like a boss. In a moment of weakness, when his fear of fire comes over him, he realises that in the grand scheme of things, all he has been defending holds no value, moral or monetary. Only the purity and innocence of Sansa held him to King’s Landing.