My first crochet ring :D

Quite easy to make and very cute!

It’s been slow on the crochet front because I decided to try to make a blanket, and that lead to some tendinitis, and that lead to me to altering my crochet hook so I’d feel better (and it worked! Yay for my boyfriend for having such a great idea, yay for tape and yay for toilet paper (I might make an entry about my altered hook one of these days, quite clever!)).

Here’s my new ring! :



Cute little rose

Heya 🙂 ! Just made this little rose and I find it really cute, so I’m sharing a photo of it with you, and I am also linking the videos that will help any beginner create something easy and beautiful. I’ll make a pin out of it :).

Here it is:




The videos are by Yolanda Soto Lopez, check her channel out, it is full of great tutorials!