Blog vs Facebook

I am a newborn when it comes to blogging, but during this short time I have been blogging I have seen so much more intelligence, creativity and variety here than I have in years of facebook.

Recently, Facebook has become nothing but a place where I share funny images, images with interesting ideas or, less often, that song that has been keeping me company all day. I don’t communicate anything with words, I don’t share thoughts, I don’t expose anything.

These images I share are basically the only way people get to come closer to me, but they are far from being able to describe who I am. They’ll never get who I am. I don’t want my 200+ friends to know who I am.

I have way too many people in my facebook. I wish I could chop them off with a sharp axe. Get the fuck out of my life.

So now I am here. Nobody knows me. I can say whatever the hell I want.


I actually found myself wanting to do more things and investigate more things, improve more things since I started blogging. Like I am my own little project.

I am giving more value to MY “things” and less value to whatever the hell other people are doing. Here I can select what I want, instead of being bombarded with futileness.

I am no longer living through other people’s lives. Should I really care that a colleagues’ sister went to Vietnam, and loved it, and did all the bleepin things I wanted to do? No. Should I care that the guy that was 2 years ahead of me in school got into a facebook fight over the Romney-Obama race? No. Did any of this and zillions of other interactions contribute anything to my life/ intelligence/ happiness? Heck no.

The only good thing about facebook right now is the images of things I find creative.

I am going on a facebook diet. If I want to know how people are, I’ll bloody ask them.