That’s right, I’m slacking.

Done with work today, too tired to compute, so I am slacking and making drawings for my future glass paintings. My second half of holidays are about to start and I might get one done, hopefully more, as long as I manage to stay still for a few days… ok, so maybe just the one :p

Here’s an idea:

My pigeon spooker

I found out there is a naughty pigeon trying to nest right outside of my bedroom window, in the middle of my flowerbed. I don’t know about the pigeons where you live but the ones here are pretty noisy, messy and can carry diseases, so I’ll pass. My boyfriend said “we should get an owl and make them crap their pants”, and i got my creative juices flowing. Cardboard, my 20 year old Caran d’Ache pencils, some looking up on the net for what colors and patterns to use and presto! The owl itself was drawn from memory, and the eyes are huge for that extra spook effect hehe :p . Not quite done yet, but this is more or less how it will look in the end 🙂


I hope it works!

Sketchbook pro to the rescue!


I was never very good at drawing faces. I am very much into symmetry, and at work I might even be a bit obsessive about it lol, but this is a major issue for me when I draw. I actually avoid drawing faces in my figures because I just let myself get affected by the fact that I can’t make them as symmetrical as they should be. So now that I finally purchased my new tablet (selected by my awesome and tech-savvy boyfriend), I bought Sketchbook Pro, and W00T! Symmetry galore!

I am quite aware that I am cheating my way out of something I have issues with, but I am hoping that this will help me visualize and then reproduce facial symmetry better. I am loving the app, it keeps me entertained for ages, and hopefully I’ll make some pretty cool things with it 🙂