Crochet Channels on Youtube

Hey guys!!!

Long time no see! Recently I have been asked to share all of the channels I follow on Youtube to make my crochet items. I put up a list and decided maybe some of my fellow WordPressers would enjoy having access to it too!

So here it goes (I mention which language they are in too): (Italian) (Spanish) (English) (English) (Spanish) (English) (Italian) (Portuguese)–vDkBYh1Tg (English) (English) (English) (English) (Spanish) (English)
Note: the above channel belongs to a lovely lady who had a recent tragic event in her life, please also subscribe to her personal

channel and watch her videos. She has very timidly asked for help recently, so if anyone can, please do.
Here is her second channel: (English) (English) (English) (Spanish) (English) (English) (English) (English) (Spanish) (English) (English) (Portuguese) (English) (Spanish) (English) (Spanish) (Portuguese) (Spanish) (English) (Spanish) (English) (Spanish) (English) (English) (English) (English) (Italian) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Portuguese) (English) (English) (English) (English) (Japanese) (English) (Spanish) (Russian?) (English) (English) (English) (English) (English) (English) (Spanish) (English) (English) (English) (English) (Portuguese) (English) (English) (English) (English) (English) (English) (Portuguese) (Spanish) (Italian) (Italian) (English) (Spanish/ English) (Russian/ English)

I hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚

Crochet Apple Cozy and an update on my sister!

Hey guys! Been pretty busy since my last post. First things first: after the horrible week we spent not knowing exactly what my sister has, we got the news that it was the lesser of two evils: A Hodgkin Lymphoma. Weird as it may seem, I was so happy. I spent the whole week with a big 64% in my head, which was the success rate for treating a Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and all of a sudden that scary number was replaced by a juicy 90%. So yeah, I’m damn happy.

My sister’s been really strong and brave, as usual, and her chemo is going well. The only bad side effect was the loss of hair. She shaved it off yesterday, and I must say she looks pretty badass without hair. She likes the look too, so I’m also very happy for that.

I made her a crochet hat and matching boot cuffs and gave her my latest crochet-fascination-item: an apple cozy. Part of her new diet involves eating lots of fruit and apples are included, so it was a win-win gift πŸ™‚

Here is my apple crochet cozy:



As usual, I found the tutorial on Youtube, but I didn’t quite like the end result, so I made up my own upper bit, looks more appleish to me like this.

You can find the tutorial here if you are interested in starting one of your own. It is a great idea to help you take your lunch in your bag without getting it dirty or bruised:

Apple Cozy tutorial

Crochet stool cover

I made this last weekend, only took me a few hours and I really like the result. Simple as hell, it is just a huge granny square in several colors that is fitted around a stool. What make it even cooler is that is covering a stool my great grandfather (who died way before I was born) made!

Here are some photos:



For a really nice and beginner friendly tutorial for making granny squares, check out this video from Jayda Institches:

Granny square tutorial

Mr. Owl!

Well this one was a real adventure, and I can’t believe how well it turned out, all things considered. First of all, the tutorial is in Russian (I think, please correct me if I am wrong), second of all, I don’t speak Russian.

It just looked way too cute for me to try, so I gave it a go and I am really happy with the end result! My boyfriend was also very happy with the end result… at the end of the day he discreetly picked it up (or at least he thought it was discreetly), and took it to his treasure shelf, meaning it is his now. He’s so flipping cute.

Here’s the owl, and the link to the tutorial is below:


Owl Tutorial

Dressing up stones

Hi there! Been a long time O_O! I do still check up on the WordPressers I follow, just been too lazy to put up anything here.

So I finally got around to taking photos of some of my latest crochety adventures and, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed making them!

I think I’ma be makin two seperate posts for each of them, just because one of them will have some info on how to make it, and it just gets more visibility that way.

Anywhoo, here’s number one: Dressing up stones! Yes, stones, in this case, they are bricks, eroded by water, turned into glorious orangy smooth pebbles! They make a great contrast color with the threads, and I highly recommend using them! Plus, they are way more original than normal pebbles!

Here’s mah photo:


It’s really easy to make, just make sure your doily is big enough to wrap a bit of the pebble you are using. Also, before you do wrap it, use a needle to carefully sew your thread, stitch by stitch around the edge of your doily, loosely and leave a bit of tail. Once you place the doily exactly how you will want it over the pebble, pull the tail slowly but firmly, it will make your doily wrap itself around the pebble! Some adjusting may be required here and there, but it is overall pretty easy to do πŸ™‚


I have this friend who is obsessed with sheep. I was with her last weekend. I’ve been thinking about making her a crochet sheep, but never found a tutorial on how to make one, and since I’m still newbish at crocheting, I gave up on it.  But since I was with her recently, I felt like actually trying to come up with one, she can even wear it on a necklace, she likes original ideas like that.

Here is my first sheep! I think it’s pretty convincing for a first try. Again, I regret not writing how I made it lol, hopefully I can make one the same again or even better.


New thingies!

A while back, just before Valentine’s day, and before I embarked in the colossal project of making a crochet blanket (taking forever), I made looooooads of crocheted hearts (link: ). After making all of those hearts, I had no clue what to do with them.

Mother’s day is coming up where I live, and I have loads of soaps from Xmas (wonder how so many people I know decided to give me soaps, I swear I’m clean!). So I invented this scent bag:


My sister told me the other day she really liked mug cozies, so BLAM! Mug cozy with a heart on it lol. Her bday is at the end of this month, perfect.

Here it is:


My first crochet ring :D

Quite easy to make and very cute!

It’s been slow on the crochet front because I decided to try to make a blanket, and that lead to some tendinitis, and that lead to me to altering my crochet hook so I’d feel better (and it worked! Yay for my boyfriend for having such a great idea, yay for tape and yay for toilet paper (I might make an entry about my altered hook one of these days, quite clever!)).

Here’s my new ring! :


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone has a great day with their sweethearts today (and all other days really lol), and that those that don’t have a sweetheart have a great day anyways, and eat some chocolates because it is a good excuse πŸ˜‰

Here are some crocheted hearts I have recently learned how to make. I also made others, but didn’t get around to photographing them, I might get around to it eventually :p. These were my favourites though, they are simple and full, and look very symmetrical :):


The tutorial is here on video. It is really well explained and after a few goes, you’ll be making them in no time! :


New friends!

The other day this French couple (she Russian-Croatian, he French-Italian), and their ridiculously cute 2 year old baby girl asked my boyfriend if he could help them out. They were on holidays and had rented out one of the flats in our building and their electricity had died on them. We got them an electrician within 30 mins, and recharged their cellphones and laptop in the meantime. Then something happened, something that had never happened to us before:

They came to our door to thank us, and invited us for tea. I had never been invited for tea by a complete stranger. She must have seen the surprise in my eyes just before I accepted the invitation lol.

I decided to make a little crochet fox pin for the baby. Took me ages to get it right, and then when I showed my boyfriend the end result, he put on what I call his “cute face” (must be what he looked like when he was a kid), and he smiled at it.


“You want us to keep it?”

*silence + cute face*

We kept it.

So then I had to make another one :). The kid loved it and so did the mother.

We had a great time talking to them in a mixture of English and French. The little girl was obsessed with my face, kept stroking it and holding it with both her hands, and kept playing with my hair. I don’t know if it was the French, but everything she said sounded like an overdose of cuteness to me. We also hooked them up with up with our cable account on their pc after the poor father expressed how hard it was to stay indoors (major storm here) with 4 channels he didn’t really understand. He was really happy then too.

They are staying here for about one month and we have a few days off soon, so we might show them some parts of Lisbon they haven’t discovered till then πŸ™‚

Very pleased to meet people in this way, feels good. Not used to it and it really is a shame. Also, great excuse to organize all my papers/paints/yarns and whatnots in case they come over :p.

One more :p

I decided to try another butterfly tutorial, this video is from a lady that has a whole bunch of beautiful tutorials. I suggest you take a look at her channel. The tutorials are in Spanish, but even if you don’t understand it you can always pause the video to keep up or to count stitches :p

Here’s the video:
delicate crochet butterfly

And here’s my new butterfly (it has 4 wings, photo doesn’t show the back ones well though):


Little crochet butterfly

Just saw this tutorial and then checked out the original pattern and made this little butterfly. This is officially the first time I read a crochet pattern and I am happy to say I got away with it. I know it’s simple as hell, but still, baby steps :p. Added some minor changes but I am happy I did :). The original tutorial is great for really fast and easy butterfly though!

Here’s the link:

Little crochet butterfly

And here’s my own version:


Playing with leftovers

Here at the shop, over the years (about 60 years), my grandfather has accumulated a ridiculous amount of stones, beads and whatnots from unwanted client pieces, leftovers from commissions and so on. He’s been complaining about the business and how he can make ends meet.

I remembered watching this really simple tutorial on how to make bracelets with a wire and a crochet hook and thought that maybe I could help out not only by making more stuff to sell but also to get rid of all of those endless bits n’ bobs.

I showed him this, made it on  really weak wire I found (I guess nylon thread would do too). Could be a pretty bracelet I guess. He’s good at putting on the finishing bits like the clasps. He seemed to like it, some maybe who knows, maybe I am about to learn a bit more about making bracelets with a crochet hook, something more elaborate than this (or not, simplicity is also good):


Silly ego-booster


Had to get into a packed train in the subway today (a strike had just ended). Not much room, so I had to stand with my back pressed to this cute younger guy. He grinned. How silly is it that I think of this as an ego-booster? Oh well, it was, so I’ll take it thank you very much (at 34 I’ll take as many as I can for as long as I can lol!) I prefer these subtle things than the more obvious ones, even though some still make me laugh (clearly a Latin thing in my opinion, men here think that being obvious makes them more manly).

Anywhoo, one of my closest friends commisioned one of my flower bookmarkers. I sold it so cheap the train ticket was practically the same price (a few cents profit), but the whole giddy feeling I got out of someone asking me to make something for them was the real bonus πŸ™‚

Cute little rose

Heya πŸ™‚ ! Just made this little rose and I find it really cute, so I’m sharing a photo of it with you, and I am also linking the videos that will help any beginner create something easy and beautiful. I’ll make a pin out of it :).

Here it is:




The videos are by Yolanda Soto Lopez, check her channel out, it is full of great tutorials!

Merry Christmas all!

I hope everyone out there celebrating Christmas has a wonderful holiday, with your loved ones by you, with joy, health and great food πŸ˜‰

Here’s my newest creation πŸ™‚ A crochet Poinsettia πŸ˜€


I’ll be giving it to my mother and really hope she likes it. I am making it with the intention to be used as a table decoration, but it will also look great on a coat, so I’ll give her a pin too in case she’d rather wear it πŸ™‚

The video with the tutorial is here, it was really helpful and well explained. I made a few alterations, the green leaves I made bigger, and I added  light green color to the yellow center.

The bookworm book marker!

Here’s my second improv! For a while I thought it was a fail, and that I’d end up using it as a Christmas wreath lol, but I think it looks pretty neat now. Putting a head on it really made it more convincing ;).

I made it pretty long (doesn’t show on the photo) so that it would work on a large book, or a smaller one. The idea is to have it mark the page you are on and then fold over the pages, and leave the head hanging in front of the cover.

For me it took quite a bit of time and trials, but I think that it is a pretty fast and nice and easy Christmas present (or any present) for a pro to make. πŸ™‚


Crochet book markers for Christmas!

Righty-o, here’s the next thing I’ve been up to: Crochet book markers. It’s great to be able to do something that makes me feel good, and then give it to someone I know will appreciate it, and save money in the process.

I found the idea in this great tutorial:

The tutorial for the pansy one is this one:

I think that on a good day, including my near-crochet-newbie status, a full time job, and all the normal activities that affect a normal person’s life, I can make one of these a day, or two, if I skip going to the gym, which I do often ahaha :p

Here are the ones I have done so far:


The bear that turned into a mouse

I was looking at this Youtube video to try to make a bear appliquΓ©, didn’t really like the way it looked on the video, but the basic shape was what I really needed help with, so then I made up the snout part aaaaaand, it looked like a mouse!

Hah! So then I made a tail for said mouse, and went out to purchase the perfect ‘mouse eyes’, and a bag of sew-on pins, and presto!: another Xmas gift for my best friend’s baby!

The original Youtube video is here for anyone who may want to try a bear/mouse appliquΓ©:

And this is my mousy:


My first crochet improv!

Behold! The very first thing I have created without the use of a Youtube tutorial or a pattern (which I cannot read anyways).

This will be a pin for my best friends’ baby. He’s turning one soon. I was really careful to secure the buttons well, and hopefully one day he’ll wear it on a winter coat πŸ™‚


Learning how to crochet

Yesterday I spent most of the day learning how to crochet, mom and I went to a workshop. It was only the two of us so we got all the attention we needed. My mom mostly refreshed her memory, she’s quite good at it once she remembers what she used to make 20 or 30 years ago. I one the other hand took ages to make anything (mom made 4 granny squares and joined them while I made one lol!) but I’ll keep at it and hopefully things will get easier for me πŸ™‚

Here’s a pot cozy I made, but it actually makes a pretty cool wrist thingy, warmer, bracelet, erm… smt