New friends!

The other day this French couple (she Russian-Croatian, he French-Italian), and their ridiculously cute 2 year old baby girl asked my boyfriend if he could help them out. They were on holidays and had rented out one of the flats in our building and their electricity had died on them. We got them an electrician within 30 mins, and recharged their cellphones and laptop in the meantime. Then something happened, something that had never happened to us before:

They came to our door to thank us, and invited us for tea. I had never been invited for tea by a complete stranger. She must have seen the surprise in my eyes just before I accepted the invitation lol.

I decided to make a little crochet fox pin for the baby. Took me ages to get it right, and then when I showed my boyfriend the end result, he put on what I call his “cute face” (must be what he looked like when he was a kid), and he smiled at it.


“You want us to keep it?”

*silence + cute face*

We kept it.

So then I had to make another one :). The kid loved it and so did the mother.

We had a great time talking to them in a mixture of English and French. The little girl was obsessed with my face, kept stroking it and holding it with both her hands, and kept playing with my hair. I don’t know if it was the French, but everything she said sounded like an overdose of cuteness to me. We also hooked them up with up with our cable account on their pc after the poor father expressed how hard it was to stay indoors (major storm here) with 4 channels he didn’t really understand. He was really happy then too.

They are staying here for about one month and we have a few days off soon, so we might show them some parts of Lisbon they haven’t discovered till then 🙂

Very pleased to meet people in this way, feels good. Not used to it and it really is a shame. Also, great excuse to organize all my papers/paints/yarns and whatnots in case they come over :p.

The bear that turned into a mouse

I was looking at this Youtube video to try to make a bear appliqué, didn’t really like the way it looked on the video, but the basic shape was what I really needed help with, so then I made up the snout part aaaaaand, it looked like a mouse!

Hah! So then I made a tail for said mouse, and went out to purchase the perfect ‘mouse eyes’, and a bag of sew-on pins, and presto!: another Xmas gift for my best friend’s baby!

The original Youtube video is here for anyone who may want to try a bear/mouse appliqué:

And this is my mousy:


My first crochet improv!

Behold! The very first thing I have created without the use of a Youtube tutorial or a pattern (which I cannot read anyways).

This will be a pin for my best friends’ baby. He’s turning one soon. I was really careful to secure the buttons well, and hopefully one day he’ll wear it on a winter coat 🙂