A little sketch of what I think Pepper might be doing.

Asylum’s episode 7 “Dark Cousin”

I just watched the new teaser with more attention. And what did I see/ think I saw?

Still no Pepper. (right)

Grace summons a dark angel to help her? Oh man, don’t tell me the aliens implanted an angel (frequently compared or assumed to be aliens in many theories) into Grace! (so wrong)

Sister Satan is gonna get pre-tty mad with Grace for summoning/ giving birth to an Angel, and will set Dr. Arden on her (oh dear). (wrong)

Sister Satan places Dr. Arden in his proper place. (well duh)

Lana banana is visited by the dark angel. She tells her she is not ready to die, the angel says she comes when she is called. Does this mean Lana has to die? That is it her time? Or is it just the teaser guy putting that sentence there right after Lana says she doesn’t want to die to make me think that? Or does she say that but she is only there to help her? (mostly right)

Lana will get into a physical fight with Dr. Thredson. (right)

Sister Jude will commit suicide (0:25) ( I hope she fails, I like her). (rightish)

The dark angel visits Sam Goodman, a.k.a the nazi hunter (dead/alive?) in his bathroom (0:11). Hmmmm… (well, yes)

Please add anything you think I have missed!

Naughty Thredson!

So I just watched episode six of the Asylum (American Horror Story) series, and read a post created by a fellow blogger that also enjoys the series. He theorized about there being more than one Bloody Face, and after watching episode 6 I must say I have to agree with him. Either there is one and only one in the past, or one and one in the making (a student of his), or he will have a follower soon.

The reason I think there will be two Bloody Faces is because the one we see in the present (in the abandoned Briarcliff) seems to be young (late 20s to mid 30s). This means it cannot be Dr. Thredson as too many years have passed.

Adding to this, Dr. Thredson’s voice over the phone, when he talks to Kit, sounds a lot like the one we hear, also over the phone, when Bloody Face talks to the cop over Leo’s phone. Could this be that Thredson got himself someone to do his more physically demanding work, while stays at home waiting for more skin to play with?


What do you think?


I love horror movies, well, good horror movies. Seldom do I find one that gives me a real adrenaline rush, or that surprises me, or that seems to be extremely well planned out, with rich details, twisted turns, new depths of cruelty.

Mind you I’m no sicko. But I do like a good scare, if it comes from a screen.

Today I watched the most recent episode in season 2 of American Horror Story: episode 5. It-was-perfection. I don’t think I have ever seen such a great episode.

Not to give out spoilers, but it really sank into new levels of horrifickness. It really brought out strong emotions, I was utterly surprised and immersed in one of the character’s perdicament.

Needless to say: Lana, I will pray for you until next week.

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