Johanna Basford

About two years ago (my how time flies!), I had a strange urge to color stuff in (you can check the results out here). Then, a few months ago, while traveling back home from a family trip to Malta, we passed by the Marseille airport, and there I found some adult coloring magazines (no, nothing pervy, just coloring books for grown ups -.-).  I bought three.

I was soon addicted, and there was so much in Pinterest to find! I actually introduced my mother to this new concept (for us at least), and shortly after she too was addicted to coloring in… and to Pinterest :p.

It was during many of her frenetic pinning sessions that I started to single out some drawings that I really loved, and it turns out they were all by Johanna Basford. And only a few weeks later, one of her books, the Secret Garden, appeared in front of me in a book store, just in time for mother’s day.

I bought one for me and one for my mother. Later on, she bought us another book by the same artist: Enchanted Forest.

My mother agrees with me when I say that coloring in is therapeutic. It’s like your brain shuts down all of the irrelevant things, all of those little things you wish you could just turn off and usually can’t (much like Taekwondo for me).  So now we’ve been having loads of fun coloring in, and I even made us a neat painting spot in the new apartment!

Here’s a glimpse of my first page!


New things I painted!

Last post I said I was going to try to paint during my holidays, but I didn’t. I didn’t paint them during my holidays because  (‘yay’ ) my boyfriend’s boss told him she needed him the day before we were meant to head out to our road trip. So instead I painted my little pots and bottle during the weekend.

We were actually quite lucky that our hols got canceled, or rather, postponed, because the weather sucked that week, and we went the week after, and the weather was AWESOME!!!!!

I know I still haven’t posted all about my first hols, but I guess I’ll just add stuff as I feel like it. heck, it’s my blog and I’ll blog how I want to.

Here are some rather sucky quality photos of my latest creations. They look much nicer in person, but saddly my house isn’t as well lit as my mom’s hehe. I’ll replace the photo with better ones if I ever get around to it. I used the usual paints and also tried some new acrylic paints for fun, and I like them!




Glass painting

Today I passed by my mother’s house to leave her some corn silk tea for an issue she has, kidney stones. I know she’d never bother making it herself, so I left her shitloads in her fridge lol 🙂

I was waiting for the water to boil when I noticed she had my Xmas gift to her from two years ago in her living room. I painted it myself, and filled it with yummy chocolates. Cheapest gift ever, but I think it was pretty cool. I took some photos of it to put here. Here it is!



Been thinking about making more, on weekends, and then when I had loads, I could either give them to friends or sell them. I made more, I made one for my dad, one for a brother and one for my sister. If I ever come across them again I’ll photograph them and put them here 🙂

My pigeon spooker

I found out there is a naughty pigeon trying to nest right outside of my bedroom window, in the middle of my flowerbed. I don’t know about the pigeons where you live but the ones here are pretty noisy, messy and can carry diseases, so I’ll pass. My boyfriend said “we should get an owl and make them crap their pants”, and i got my creative juices flowing. Cardboard, my 20 year old Caran d’Ache pencils, some looking up on the net for what colors and patterns to use and presto! The owl itself was drawn from memory, and the eyes are huge for that extra spook effect hehe :p . Not quite done yet, but this is more or less how it will look in the end 🙂


I hope it works!

Drawing Lord Varys

As the story of Game of Thrones frequently invades my mind, leading to many many minutes of doing nothing but thinking about its plots, characters, tactics, locations, this time it was Lord Varys’ turn. I couldn’t help but look back at all he has done, both in the t.v series and in the books and wonder if he is truly good. So far all I am sure is he is a better man than Littlefinger, but my scale is tipping to him actually being good.

As I wasted time thinking about this and not actually working (omg I can’t believe it is still tuesday), I drew this, with the help of my trusty Sketchbook pro app of course 🙂