A Game of Predictions: Cersei Lannister (SPOILERS)


Hey guys! This time I’ll be writing what I think could happen to our favourite nut case: Cersei Lannister.

When we leave Cersei in season 5, she is being held in the arms of Ser UnGregor, and all of the intensity she felt during her walk of shame as humiliation, is all of a sudden replaced as intensely by a feeling of rage, and a lust for revenge.

Given Cersei is very well known for being impulsive and for not thinking ahead (at least not well), she does seem to learn a lesson in the books. The lesson is obviously not the lesson we hoped she would have learned, which would have been humility, but a higher level of subterfuge instead.

Just as what we see in the books, I predict Cersei will play the play the part of the repentful and reborn mother. She’ll do this no doubt to try to somehow steer the Faith, Kevan and her son into cutting her some slack, but also to compete against Margaery in an ultimate holier than thou showdown.

The news of Myrcella’s death will soon send Cersei further into her insanity and rage, but she will try to use her daughter’s death as bait for pity points. I think she’ll be on the brink of losing it, but somehow, she will manage to still hold onto what is left of her sanity. She still has Tommen after all.

During this crisis, I believe she will also repel Jaime for the last time.

At the moment, her rage is primarily focused on the people of King’s Landing, the Faith and the Martells, but soon this focus will take a sudden shift.

This shift will take place when Kevan and Maester Pycelle are murdered by Varys (he’s with Tyrion right now, I know, but I’m thinking he might either travel back, or hire someone to kill them for him). These two deaths will make her all the more paranoid, and she will begin wondering if Tyrion has been hiding in King’s Landing this whole time.

Eventually she will end up burning the Tower of the Hand with wildfire because she suspects that is where the Imp is hiding, just like she had earlier, but in the books. She will do this easily, as the Alchemists are still loyal to her.

I think all ties to her involvement will be easily concealed, and she might even say that the burning of the Tower was the work of her enemies: the Martells (Trystane, beware).

Next, comes the trial. I actually think what I have just written is enough material for season 6, especially when some main characters had such an uneventful season 5, but I’ll just continue because I still have more in my head:

The trial will take place more or less in the same fashion as Tyrion’s second trial, and will obviously have a repeating champion: Ser Ungregor Clegane. This is where I will insert my bold prediction.

Bold Prediction:  Once I knew Ungregor would champion Cersei’s cause, I remembered the stable boy in Tyrion’s second trial. In case you forgot, Ser Gregor cut off the arm of a boy who was a spectator, and he did it by accident, and ended up decapitating him with a second blow. I think that Ser Gregor has lost what little he had left of normalcy, and will end up doing exactly the same thing, but this time to Tommen. Tommen won’t be so high and mighty, hidden up on his royal seat, but will be closer to the people to please the Faith, so he will be an easier target this way.

And this is the final straw for Cersei.

Does she win the trial? In case we have Cleganebowl, I sure as hell hope she doesn’t. But otherwise, and for the sake of an interesting story, I hope she does win. I want to see a little Targaryen insanity in action.

Who will stop her? Tyrion? He’s far, and busy. Jaime? He too will probably be far, and busy. Could Sandor’s victory represent her death in the prophecy, and thus be the realization of the Valonqar part? Maybe.

I always thought Jaime killing her to stop her from burning down King’s Landing, just as he stopped the Mad King to be something poetic, so I think it would also fit nicely, but for this to happen, Jaime would need to take some riding lessons from Melissandre *insert sarcasm*.

Game of Thrones S05 rant (SPOILERS)

I couldn’t keep my fingers from typing after what I saw in this season (5) of Game of Thrones.

I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll be venting here, so yes, this will be a list of things I did not like. Sure there are things I did like, but right now I’m just too annoyed and need to vent.

Perhaps I can start in what I and many others think was the worst part of the season: Dorne.


Most of what happened in Dorne, as book readers know, never happened in the books.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe Jaime was sent to Dorne to bid time for his reunion with Brienne (who had, I thought, plenty to do other than stare at a window).The surprise here is that Jaime basically had as much screentime as Myranda. Dorne was about Bronn, and tits.

But this is something I’ll discuss with more detail later on.

No Arianne Martell? Why not? Isn’t this Dorne? Isn’t this the ONLY place where women are allowed to rule since the times of Nymeria? Why the hell are you going to give her plot to a pubescent kid and a vindictive widow?

Which brings me to another point: Ellaria Sand. It is amazing how a character that seemed to show so much promise can be reduced to a pile of crap due to poor writing. They made Ellaria ignore all of OberynΒ΄s wishes, and his way of thinking.She killed a little girl, an innocent little girl, who loved and was loved by the Heir to Dorne, damn… such poor writing. I guess she doesn’t care about what Jaime will do to Trystane.

The only good part, to me, was the heartbreak Jaime must have felt after losing his daughter, especially when he had finally found someone that still loved him (not that I wished that on him, I just think it was George Martinesque).

Back to Jaime, or better, the no-Jaime. Bronn’s scenes were useless, and they contributed nothing to the progression of the story. The infamous ‘tit scene’looked like it was filmed by a horny 13 year old boy. Fine, great tits, but did I really have to get flashed 15 times with them?

They could have used this time explaining things better to viewers or including ommited characters, or showing more of other characters (like Jaime).

I don’t even want to talk about the Sand Snakes, but I will. I feel sorry for the actresses. What was once to me a beautiful variety of women, both physically and mentally, became something very poor, oversimplified and basic. The fight scenes? Ugh. The costumes? Copy paste. The personality? Flavourless. The acting? Poor. The script? Hair pulling bad.

Doran Martell and Areo Hotah: Underused. You had one good thing, and you didn’t use it. Both actors could have done so much more had they been given the right material to work with.


Let me just say that when I found out that the Brienne-meets Sansa scene was meant to convey Sansa telling Brienne to get the f out of dodge, I sighed a sigh of frustration and remembered the Jaime/ Cersei rape scene. Another poorly filmed scene. What makes it worse is that it just perpetualized the idea viewers get that Sansa is just a stupid little girl.

Next: Brienne spends three weeks staring at a window. Awesome stuff, you really used one of my favourite characters well. Well done!

Next: Sansa gets raped. Expected since she took Jeyne’s place, but even though it hurt to watch, as they intended, I had hopes that it would heat her up to the point that she’s actually do something other than picking a lock and getting angry at Theon. Stab somebody ffs!

Myranda was probably the best part for me, both her nastiness, and her death (but it really should have been Sansa doing it). I guess Theon had to do it as the symbolic moment where he shows he still has some balls on him.

Stannis: his death was weak to say the least. Although the actor did a good job with his face as he sat there by the tree (you could see his inner turmoil as he thought about his last words), “go on, do your duty” felt like, I don’t know, he owed us more than that after what he did.

Oh!! and I almost forgot: the most seasoned and best tactician in the whole story marches upon Winterfell, against the people of the North, with no horses, no siege weapons, out in the open, with half his men (and even those were weak, and had 0 motivation).
“Uhhh My Lord, half of your troops left ya.” , “Uhhhh my Lord, looks like there will be no siege afterall…”, what the hell? Way to go D&D, I understand that Stannis is indeed going to pull a lot of the crap he pulled this season, but you didn’t have to make him all of a sudden lose all of his skills.

By the way, Melissandre needs to get a new pair of glasses, she ain’t reading the flames so well.

The Wall

Nothing much to say about the wall other than Jon’s death. Still no warging hints? Really? Why the hell couldn’t they just add a 10 second wolf dream in one of the earlier episodes and then have Jon utter “Ghost” before he died?.

This is a vent post but I loved the Hardhome scene sooo much I just have to mention it here. Loved – it.


Hi, could you please let me into Jorah’s head so that I can figure out why the hell is he contaminating the whole frigging continent? Because I can’t tell with his lack of facial expressions. I can’t understand why he’d do it, does anyone reading this have any idea?


Also, and off-rant topic: is anybody else considering the chance of Varys being the Harpy?

There, I think that’s mostly it. I have a feeling I am forgetting something, but I’ll add it later on if I rememeber anything else.

I know I’ve been absent for months, hope everyone has been well πŸ™‚ I’ll probably write a life update soon, if I behave πŸ˜‰

Sand Snake image from : https://scontent-cdg2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xat1/v/t1.0-9/11330045_428932317277937_661960546874139124_n.png?oh=51a2d34043529d5e4678fdc44e5f7be4&oe=55C8B0A2
Robert meme from: https://scontent-atl1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xta1/v/t1.0-9/11401521_700562223388759_2519816224788143779_n.jpg?oh=3942a5b23e46af223ee779df4ae0b0d9&oe=5600F690
Jorah meme from: https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/11259859_389862917863959_2329793478248300812_n.jpg?oh=89bb45183c5eb251211668f05c8c0e08&oe=560D4F88&__gda__=1438674480_c62e04ebe1b0dd4ed91ce648155b16ff

Lol what the…

I was wondering who I’d be as I was answering the questions and I sware I never thought about this one coming up. Goes to confirm my X-Man personality test that said I’d be Wolverine lol πŸ˜›

Mother Merciless (image edited on mobile phone)


I took great care to not ruin it for anyone by adding the original unedited image first, since that’s the one that will appear on your reader.

So, if you scroll down, it’s on you πŸ˜›

I was very surprised with the ending of A Storm of Swords.Β  I couldn’t help myself and had to edit an image of her.


















New Game of Thrones video :D

Shame it is merely a teaser and adds nothing to what will happen in season 3. I am really looking forward to see Jaime and Brienne together again πŸ™‚

Little Arya is growing fast! Good thing too, makes them have to keep working on season 4 before she outgrows her character (11 years old in book 4 I believe). πŸ˜‰

Storm of Swords, book 2!

So I’m done with book one of Storm of Swords. 2 or 3 total shockers.

This is probably the first book that ever made me gasp and make strange sounds as I read it.

My better half is quite amused at how silly I am with my “NOOOOOO!!!”s, my “grrrrrrr”s, gasps, and other silly sounds lol.

Edit: Oh! And after Jojen’s story to Bran, I am starting to have an idea as to who Jon’s mother is/was. Very exciting! But for the sake of not spoiling things for anyone, I’ll stop at “exciting” πŸ˜‰

Storm of Swords, here I come!

I just finished A Clash of Kings. I kept telling myself I would not read on ahead of the series but… I can’t help it! I can’t wait to see what happens to Bran, Sansa, Arya, Jon, the Hound, Tyrion, Jaime aaand I hope Joffrey dies soon πŸ˜›

Daenerys somehow lost a LOT of interest to me, not sure why. I liked her a lot more in the series. I also liked her a lot in the books, but as her journey began and developed, I don’t know, she just lacks seasoning. Her thirst for the throne kind of consumed what had once made her seem so endearing to me. Maybe book 3 will bring back the old Danny, or a more interesting Danny.

And Catelyn, I hope the gods give the woman a break ffs!

Onto my reading frenzy!