10 Year Old Boy Carries Dead Baby Bro To Cremation


a day in history 3  japan boy

This heart rending photo was taken by Joe O’Donnell. He was sent by the US military to document the horrors inflicted upon the Japanese by air raids and atomic bombs in 1945.

In this photo, the little boy had bought his brother to a cremation spot. He was barefooted and in perhaps trying to play the role of oldest functioning family member left remaining, he was clearly copying the stand-to-attention stance he would have seen amongst the warring uniformed adults.

Joe O’Donnell in his words:

“I saw a boy about ten years old walking by. He was carrying a baby on his back. In those days in Japan, we often saw children playing with their little brothers or sisters on their backs, but this boy was clearly different. I could see that he had come to this place for a serious reason. He was wearing no shoes. His face…

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Shocking Plane Radiation On Flight From Chile To US.

This is really scary guys. Please pass it on.

The Truth is Where?

By Greg in Oregon USA.  1st July 2013.   Find Article Here:-

This is STAGGERINGLY bad news and shows, clearly and positively, that Fukushima Radiation is THICK in the atmosphere above even the Southern Hemisphere. It gets worse over North America and the U.S.

Note…and note carefully – a CPM (Counts Per Minute) reading of 100 is a mandatory HAZMAT Quarantine EMERGENCY in the State of California. Get that? The shocking readings shown in the photos below are what the passengers were breathing and fully-exposed to during the flights from Chile to Atlanta and then across the US to Portland, Oregon.

The US EPA is fully aware of this situation but does nothing to inform the flying public. The AIR over North America is heavily saturated with radiation from Fukushima Daiichi. The government’s response…Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Enjoy The Radioactive Friendly Skies! When many develop cancers in the years ahead, no…

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Day 2 – Ankara to Cappadocia

Day two was a mixture between Ankara, a loooong drive through fields, mountains and salt planes and underground villages 🙂

Anadolu Medeniyetleri Müzesi – Museum of Anatolian Civilizations


The Anatolian museum was small yet filled with unique artifacts that were beautifully preserved and displayed. Some pieces, such as the Cappadocian tablet, the golden burial patches and the Neo-Hittite Winged Griffon-Demons really caught my attention, along with some other items I added above and below.


Ataturk Mausoleum

Next came the visit to Ataturk’s mausoleum… Which started of rather weirdly… we were told to exit the bus, pass through a metal detector, and then allowed back into the bus (no inspection was performed to the bus 0_o), and then drove up to the mausoleum.
The mausoleum itself was massive, spacious, simple yet impressive, and it truly conveyed the love many Turks still feel for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and what he represents. The area was well guarded by the military, yet there was a great feeling about, kids were laughing and playing, tourists exploring and admiring, and ceremonies were taking place.




Then came the long drive to Cappadocia, this was where I started to realise how big Turkey is. The fact that cities like Izmir, or Ankara, or Istanbul have more people in them than there are people in my own country should have prepared me (yes, and looking at the good old map), but you only truly grasp the dimension of the place when you are there.


This part of the day included the only ghastly meal I had, trout, that seemed to have been cooked four days ago and then microwaved. This was in a roadside restaurant in the middle of nowhere, and the upstairs floor was exclusive for passing tourist groups, where a coke cost the same as an entire meal. The ground floor was for the locals/ natives, and had normal prices… found that a bit rude, but “oh well”.


Just before arriving at our hotel, we visited an underground village dug into the vulcanic granite of Mount Idis. We were received with smiling faces and laughter.


I love anything underground, and quickly abandoned the group and the boyfriend to explore on my own. I even found one of their toilets! The Özkonak village was great fun to explore and learn about. This particular place was different from similar locations in that it has a defense system where the inhabitants could pour boiling oil on top of their enemies.


Injecting materialism and ostentatiousness into the minds of kids

I don’t have any kids, yet. I used to tell myself I’d have one at the age of 30, and now I tell myself I’ll have one at 35.

Regardless of the fact that I am not having any baby urges (please brain/hormones, start your magic, the clock is ticking you know), I often think about what kind of mother I will be. Some things are pretty clear, as for example I will be more affectionate and playful than my own mother, I will reinforce discipline as subtely as I can, and respect, without creating a barrier between myself and the child, and I will hopefully be a very present and approachable parent.

One issue is: I might be a little over-protective. Example (today’s example): I work at a shop, in the office to be more specific, yet if I am not listening to the radio I can hear the conversations between the clerks and the clients. Today one of our clerks was talking to a mother, who was complaining that her small daughter did not want to have her ears pierced (to which I think ”her ears, her choice, not yours, you fiend”). Our clerk then tells the little girl ”Oh you have to have your ears pierced so mommy buys you some Hello Kitty earrings and a Hello Kitty ring! So your friends get aaalll envious of you. They be soooo envious you have them and theeey don’t!”.



I mean seriously, if I was that mother I would have told the clerk to please not say that to my child. She was actually encouraging the girl to be ostentatious, to enjoy causing envy and to be materialistic. People are already born with the ‘equipment’ to end up that way, kids certainly shouldn’t get the extra ‘push’ to become little bitches. Argh! I will seriously need to control myself. Hopefully my very very calm better half will help me in that department -.-.

Game of Thrones in the 50’s????

Great video shared by Infamous

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 10.17.18 AM

Ever wonder what your favourite TV shows would look like in another era?? Me neither. But who ever runs Matin Comedy has.

This little video they have edited has turned the awesome and at times rather brutal Game of Thrones into a very tame, even comedic Intro 1950’s style. And what would an intro be without seeing my absolute favourite scenes from the series. Joffrey getting the piss smacked out of him!

I could watch this for ever.

Anyway, check out the video!!

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Which tablet?

I am entertaining the idea of purchasing a tablet for the first time.

What got me interested at first was the Galaxy Note… I really liked its versatility, all the details, it’s presentation and all of its potential. I’d be using it for work, with spreadsheets and simple functions, but the rest would be for me to take photos, draw, plan, watch videos and generally mess about.

The price is a bit high, I can buy it without a problem other than the fact that I hate spending money.

Then the other con: the phone (it is a con for me, believe it ir not). I already have a good htc mobile phone, I feel there is no need to get a new one.

I am so very far from being a techy. Is there anybody out there that could help me pick out a good tablet that has the same things I said I liked about the galaxy note? The galaxy tab 2 perhaps (although it seems to have less image/art software than the Note, from what I read)? Or the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700? Heeelp!

Loved this one from Filmologìe of monsters and little princesses.

Of monsters and little princesses

Frances Conroy love!

Dark Cousin american horror story asylum

American Horror Story S02E07: “Dark Cousin

I don’t want to speak for my fellow man and particularly not people as intelligent and well-rounded as you guys are, but my attention span is the worst these days. I don’t remember anything and that sometimes includes my phone number and parents’ faces. But you know what? I decline to blame myself. No, I blame television. It has ruined me! At some point television delicately hammered an ice pick into my eye socket and now here we are. I only like loud, shiny, or shirtless things and everything else just coasts over my head like so much electronic fog. But that’s probably the reason why I love American Horror Story with the type of fervent passion to rival the— See, I forgot where I was going with that. Oh right, American Horror Story‘s brilliance: It’s basically custom-made…

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