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A Game of Predictions: Cersei Lannister (SPOILERS)


Hey guys! This time I’ll be writing what I think could happen to our favourite nut case: Cersei Lannister.

When we leave Cersei in season 5, she is being held in the arms of Ser UnGregor, and all of the intensity she felt during her walk of shame as humiliation, is all of a sudden replaced as intensely by a feeling of rage, and a lust for revenge.

Given Cersei is very well known for being impulsive and for not thinking ahead (at least not well), she does seem to learn a lesson in the books. The lesson is obviously not the lesson we hoped she would have learned, which would have been humility, but a higher level of subterfuge instead.

Just as what we see in the books, I predict Cersei will play the play the part of the repentful and reborn mother. She’ll do this no doubt to try to somehow steer the Faith, Kevan and her son into cutting her some slack, but also to compete against Margaery in an ultimate holier than thou showdown.

The news of Myrcella’s death will soon send Cersei further into her insanity and rage, but she will try to use her daughter’s death as bait for pity points. I think she’ll be on the brink of losing it, but somehow, she will manage to still hold onto what is left of her sanity. She still has Tommen after all.

During this crisis, I believe she will also repel Jaime for the last time.

At the moment, her rage is primarily focused on the people of King’s Landing, the Faith and the Martells, but soon this focus will take a sudden shift.

This shift will take place when Kevan and Maester Pycelle are murdered by Varys (he’s with Tyrion right now, I know, but I’m thinking he might either travel back, or hire someone to kill them for him). These two deaths will make her all the more paranoid, and she will begin wondering if Tyrion has been hiding in King’s Landing this whole time.

Eventually she will end up burning the Tower of the Hand with wildfire because she suspects that is where the Imp is hiding, just like she had earlier, but in the books. She will do this easily, as the Alchemists are still loyal to her.

I think all ties to her involvement will be easily concealed, and she might even say that the burning of the Tower was the work of her enemies: the Martells (Trystane, beware).

Next, comes the trial. I actually think what I have just written is enough material for season 6, especially when some main characters had such an uneventful season 5, but I’ll just continue because I still have more in my head:

The trial will take place more or less in the same fashion as Tyrion’s second trial, and will obviously have a repeating champion: Ser Ungregor Clegane. This is where I will insert my bold prediction.

Bold Prediction:  Once I knew Ungregor would champion Cersei’s cause, I remembered the stable boy in Tyrion’s second trial. In case you forgot, Ser Gregor cut off the arm of a boy who was a spectator, and he did it by accident, and ended up decapitating him with a second blow. I think that Ser Gregor has lost what little he had left of normalcy, and will end up doing exactly the same thing, but this time to Tommen. Tommen won’t be so high and mighty, hidden up on his royal seat, but will be closer to the people to please the Faith, so he will be an easier target this way.

And this is the final straw for Cersei.

Does she win the trial? In case we have Cleganebowl, I sure as hell hope she doesn’t. But otherwise, and for the sake of an interesting story, I hope she does win. I want to see a little Targaryen insanity in action.

Who will stop her? Tyrion? He’s far, and busy. Jaime? He too will probably be far, and busy. Could Sandor’s victory represent her death in the prophecy, and thus be the realization of the Valonqar part? Maybe.

I always thought Jaime killing her to stop her from burning down King’s Landing, just as he stopped the Mad King to be something poetic, so I think it would also fit nicely, but for this to happen, Jaime would need to take some riding lessons from Melissandre *insert sarcasm*.

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