Johanna Basford

About two years ago (my how time flies!), I had a strange urge to color stuff in (you can check the results out here). Then, a few months ago, while traveling back home from a family trip to Malta, we passed by the Marseille airport, and there I found some adult coloring magazines (no, nothing pervy, just coloring books for grown ups -.-).  I bought three.

I was soon addicted, and there was so much in Pinterest to find! I actually introduced my mother to this new concept (for us at least), and shortly after she too was addicted to coloring in… and to Pinterest :p.

It was during many of her frenetic pinning sessions that I started to single out some drawings that I really loved, and it turns out they were all by Johanna Basford. And only a few weeks later, one of her books, the Secret Garden, appeared in front of me in a book store, just in time for mother’s day.

I bought one for me and one for my mother. Later on, she bought us another book by the same artist: Enchanted Forest.

My mother agrees with me when I say that coloring in is therapeutic. It’s like your brain shuts down all of the irrelevant things, all of those little things you wish you could just turn off and usually can’t (much like Taekwondo for me).  So now we’ve been having loads of fun coloring in, and I even made us a neat painting spot in the new apartment!

Here’s a glimpse of my first page!