A Game of Predictions: Jaime & co. (SPOILERS)

Here’s my second prediction post for Game of Thrones characters. This time we are talking about Jaime.


Jaime is in trouble. He knows he’s in trouble. This is the second of his children that he cannot save. The already fragile ego of the once best knight in the realm receives yet another blow.

However, Jaime is not aware of another trouble heading his way. I might be too realistic here, especially in a show that is known to have moments where things don’t make much sense, but in my eyes, it takes two to ‘incest’.

That’s right, since Cersei was accused of incest, I believe the Faith are just waiting to put their hands on Jaime.

Once Kevan is informed that Jaime’s ship is about to dock, he sends a boat with a warning. Jaime is to flee and not set foot in King’s Landing.
Jaime must then decide to either avoid setting foot in King’s Landing and an almost certain arrest, or do the honorable thing, which would be to escort Myrcella’s body to her mother, and face the music, again.

He decides to board the boat Kevan sent, and swaps clothes with the messenger that came on it.

He then infiltrates the Red Keep easily, concealing his identity in the streets and amongst the people, and then revealing it once he reaches the gates of the Red Keep.

By the time he reaches Cersei, she has either heard the news of Myrcella’s death, or he tells her himself. Either way, and as expected, the already enraged and slightly insane Cersei explodes in Jaime’s face. She deems him useless, and blames him for the deaths of Joffrey, Tywin and Myrcella. To add insult to injury, she then tells her of her ordeal, and of all the things she was accused of, and that she admitted to one: fornicating with Lancel, because it was the truth. She’ll tell him she loved it, and that if she had no love for their only surviving son, she would have confessed to incest too, only to have Jaime suffer for all his failures.

Jaime is heartbroken. His fears confirmed. Cersei does not love him, perhaps she never did. He leaves King’s Landing with Bronn, or alone.

One farfetched chance: he bids farewell to Tommen, and tells him he is sorry for his failures, that he will not return, for he is not worthy of the Lannister name. Tommen out of pity and concern gives Jaime Widow’s Wail (or even more farfetched and Cersei’s trial has already taken place and Tommen’s skull was crushed by Ser Robert strong, kind of like what happened to that boy during Tyrion’s trial. The sword then goes to Jaime, logically). Basically I want the two swords together once he meets Brienne again.

What can he do now? Where can he go? Who can he go to? He has no home, nobody who loves him, nobody but Brienne. That’s the only thing that comes to his mind, just like in his dreams. Nobody else fought for him but Brienne.

But where is she? Looking for Sansa no doubt. So where is Sansa? Married to Ramsay Bolton.

Jaime heads to Winterfell.

On his way, he passes by the Quiet Isle, and we could get the Gravedigger scene. There he gets much needed spiritual guidance, and a chance to let his demons out.

Get yer tinfoil hats on!: Sandor, the gravedigger hears Jaime speak about Sansa, and reveals his presence to Jaime, insisting that he must go with himĀ  to save her.

Or not. I’m kind of ok with Sandor being left alone in peace, but I miss him terribly, and I find it hard to imagine him never wanting to help his little bird. I think that once his head is set straight, he’ll want to save her, simply because it is the right thing to do.

Sandor, Bronn and Jaime, boy I’d love to be a moth flying over their campsite. Poor Jaime lol.

Anyway, Jaime heads out to save Sansa, with or without Bronn and Sandor. Hopefully Bronn eventually gets killed by tome band of bandits?

On his way to Winterfell he starts hearing rumours about Sansa’s escape. Could Brienne have had anything to do with this? He also hears about Stannis’ defeat.

Not knowing where to find Brienne now, he keeps heading north, and once he reaches the Green Fork, Howland Reed’s men, following the order of the late King in the North (basically not let Lannisters cross the Neck) intercept Jaime.

Jaime is taken to Sansa/ Lady Stoneheart. Brienne, saddly, is nowhere to be seen. She’s been sent to retrieve Rickon. Sansa/ Lady Stoneheart harbors no love for Jaime, and he is sentenced to death/ trial by combat.

Is this enough material for one season? I think so. Hopefully in season 8 everybody lives happily ever after.
Yeah yeah yeah, let me dream ok?

Jaime’s photograph belongs to Entertainment Weekly.