A Game of Predictions : The North (SPOILERS)

(assuming Stannis is indeed dead and not just surprised that Brienne spared him).


Sansa escapes Winterfell with Theon. Sansa manages to land without much damage to her body, but Theon breaks a leg or two.
Sansa refuses to let Theon die alone, and tries to drag him in the snow.
Theon screams in pain.

Podrick, under the command of Brienne, has kept an eye on Winterfell while she went to deal with Stannis. He sees Sansa and Theon. He races to warn Brienne.

Brienne and Podrick ride to Sansa and Theon


Now put on your tinfoil hats

The Bolton soldiers spot Brienne and Podrick as they ride towards the Walls of Winterfell, and quickly assemble a group of men to confront them.

Out of nowhere, a flurry of arrows crosses the skies, above Brienne’s and Pod’s heads and straight into the bodies of the Bolton men.

Brienne and Podrick look back in utter surprise, only to see a small group of small, scrawny men armed with bows and arrows.
It is Howland Reed and his merry men. The greenseer saw this happen, and arrived in the nick of time to save his friend’s daughter.

Sansa, Theon, Brienne and Pod run away towards the woods, and vanish with the Crannogmen.
After a difficult and rather long ride, they arrive at Greywater Watch.
They speak of what each one of them knows, about Jon, Rickon, Bran, the Boltons, Robb’s will in which he legitimizes Jon (Howland has her brother’s will on him).

Put an extra tinfoil hat on:

This could also be a place where Howland gives Sansa another surprise by presenting her to Lady Stoneheart (but this is me really wanting Lady Stoneheart, and I’m sure Sansa could take on her vindictive role in Greywater Watch, along with the Crannogmen, instead of the BwB).

Sansa sends a raven to the Wall, where Jon has been revived (separate story in a way, but he’s revived, no longer a brother of the Night’s Watch, for his watch is over, and is under the protection of the Wildlings and Wun WUn). The message states that Sansa is alive at Greywater Watch, and requests that a trustworthy man be sent to her, for she has news. Sending news about her brother via raven is too risky.

Melissandre tells Jon that the most trustworthy man in all of Westeros is right there with them: Ser Davos.


Davos heads towards the Green Fork, unsure of how to get to the shifting city, but upon arriving at the Fork, he is quickly located by the Crannogmen, and to Sansa.

Sansa tells Davos that Rickon is known to have headed to the island of Skagos, and entrusts him to find him. Brienne goes with him. A once broken woman, and a once broken man, reinvigorated with a new sense of purpose.

Is this enough material for one season? Given the EXTREMELY BORING season Brienne just had, I’d say yes. At least I hope so, because I’m out of ideas for these guys, at least for now.

Edit: Regarding the will that legitimizes Jon, Davos is the designated messenger. He could tell Jon about it on his way to Skagos, since it is nearby, or on his way back from Skagos (safest thing would be to tell Jon before heading to an island that is supposedly full of got riding cannibals).

Sansa photo taken by Vanity Fair
Rest of the photos from HBO


A Game of Predictions (SPOILERS)

Hi everyone!


With season five out of the way, I have decided to start a series of posts where I dare to guess what will happen to each surviving character in the show. My guesses will be based on what I know from the books, so please don’t get mad if you see me saying “oh x happened in the books, so this might happen in the series” or “x happened in the series, so this might happen in the books”. Any leaks or new chapter reveals by George will also be fuel for my fire.

I’m just doing this for a bit of fun and to keep my brain busy with this story as I wait for new material.

Needless to say, the whole series of posts will contain spoilers to anyone who is not caught up with the books and the t.v show.

I started off by making a list of the living characters, and I just realized that the first name on my list is the name of a character that is both dead in the books and the show: Jon Snow. I put his name first without even thinking about it, that is how convinced I am about him coming back to life.

Shortly after the season finale, Kit gave Entertainment Weekly an interview whew he categorically states that Jon snow is dead, and that he will not be back next season. Nothing evasive there (unlike what Michelle Fairley did on her ‘death interview’). So I say it’s just a big old lie. Of course he’s coming back.

Kit’s EW interview

Why do I say this? Well, besides the obvious (the fact that George has spent sooo much time building this guy’s story up, with all the stories behind his origins, all the prophecies, all the dreams, the visions the people around him. Yadda yadda), I freaked out when I saw Melissandre left the Wall to join Stannis in the siege of Winterfell. Why? Because she’s meant to resurrect him.

The simple fact that they bothered to bring her back to the Wall on the last episode (I bet she rode like the wind!) is all I needed to keep Jon’s continued existence on track. Simple as that. Add to that the fact that the show runners decided to have Melissandre meet Thoros and learn of his powers of resurrection (to her great surprise), is a bonus.

Anyway, this is just me justifying why I am including Jon Snow in my list.

Fun fact: I actually forgot the King in my list, added him last lol. Poor Tommen. Even Howland Reed made it before him.

I won’t be doing this character by character, as many characters are now meeting up, or possibly will be, so it will be a group of possible scenarios.
Any suggestion, critique or correction to my future series of posts will be very welcome, as long as it stays clean.

Edit: Game of Thrones photograph taken by Vanity Fair