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Is it just me, or….? GoT spoilers ahead.

I know Lu Corfield has been cast as a Molestown Madame, but today, the good people at Winteriscoming.net posted this. I think there is something strange about this. First of all, nothing is mentioned about her role on episode 3, and second of all, when you visit Lu’s imdb page , you’ll see nothing is mentioned about participating in Game of Thrones.

And if you look at her photo, and put a photo of Michelle’s next to her, you… well I…. well, you make your own conclusions:


Could Lu be playing Stoneheart? I know I’m obsessed about seeing her as soon as possible, but but… come on! Could be. No?

Whatcha think?

Edit: Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Methinks someone that knows what goes down on e3 has confirmed it IS the madame.

My quest for Stoneheart continues!

11 thoughts on “Is it just me, or….? GoT spoilers ahead.

  1. That’s a pretty striking resemblance, I admit. I guess if she shows up in Moletown, we’ll know one way or the other.

    In case any of you were wondering what I’m thinking (look, there’s always a chance that someone is wondering what I’m thinking, right? Let me have this…) I wanted to make it clear that I am STUPIDLY EXCITED about Lady Stoneheart.

    I’m hoping her entrance will be near the end (like, totally at the end) but I’m also hoping that we get some foreshadowing along the way.

  2. Thank goodness I re-found this page.

    The actress looks so much like Michelle Fairley, it gives me hope that all of the buzz from the show-runners implying that Lady Stoneheart was dropped from the future of the show is just misdirection, so everyone can be surprised when she returns.

    Hope hope hope.

    • You know, in the recent Comic-con panel, D&D had a fan asking them about Stoneheart appearing or not. He asked this in a subtle way, but it was clear he was talking about her. They told him they couldn’t answer his question.

      Fairley said in an interview that her character was dead, and yes, Cat is dead, but Stoneheart is undead.

      Why, if this was the case (that Stoneheart is being skipped), can’t they answer that question?

      They can’t answer the question because they want the surprise factor, at least that’s what I think.

      Regardless, the perfect timing would have been the end of season 4. For me that is.

      Hoping with you 🙂

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