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Well I just had my ‘Wtf’ Moment of the Day…

Phone rings.

Granpa answers. Call is for him. He sounds confused with the conversation. He passes me the call.

I pick up the call.

“Hello, I am calling from the Lisbon Medical Center…”

“And I we are calling to let you know that your grandfather has won…”

“Two tokens that exclude him from having to pay any health tax…”

“for any bone or heart related exams. You just have to bring him over. If you don’t do this soon, next time, he WILL have to pay taxes, and it can go up to 65 euros!”

So then I answer this guy and say:

“How did you get this number, and why are you calling my grandfather at work? If this is legitimate, why didn’t he receive a letter at home? And what is this ‘Lisbon Medical Center’ I have never heard of, that has the power to ‘tax’ people?”

The reply was “Oh we used to send letters, but many people did not come to their appointments because their letters got lost in the mail”.

-long ‘wtf’ moment of silence-

Then I tell him: ”Well then, please do send us a letter so that I can verify the legitimacy of…”


He hangs up on my face.


Granpa asks me what he said. I told him. He looks just as stupefied as I do.

Phone rings.

I answer.

Same guy.

“I heard what you said” he says…

“And you’ll keep hearing. Now… You yelled at me, and even said “fuck”, so… fuck YOU, grow some manners, never contact me or my grandfather again, and have a nice day, ok?”

I hang up the phone.

Seriously. I have neeeeever ever had this experience or anything close to it. Emo teen from his voice. I don’t know what is weirder, the call itself, or the fact that the guy actually had the nerve to call me a second time.

I’m glad he did though, at least I got to answer him. Prick.

4 thoughts on “Well I just had my ‘Wtf’ Moment of the Day…

    • Yeah I thought the same at first, but somehow managed to stay cool enough to have some words for him. Pretty neat for me as I usually turn into a puddle of over emotional jelly whenever I get really angry lol. 🙂

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