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Game of Thrones present

Ages ago (over one year ago) I asked my brother on his bday “What would you like as a present? Money, or one of my pots, but with a GoT theme?” “POT!!” He immediately answered. I was happy with the answer, but then hehe, I never got around to it, until now.

I have a problem with this pot. I like what I have done so far, but it feels kind of naked. The pot is pretty big, so I’d like to have more area painted than this. Both my boyfriend and sister told me to leave it as it is, but I still have my doubts.

I’ll be giving it as a Xmas presie, and I guess that if I fill it up with cookies or chocolates, it will look better hehe πŸ™‚

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚



11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones present

  1. Wow, amazing!!! That is totally awesome. I don’t think it doesn’t need anything more, but if you simply “must” add something, think about maybe a GoT logo? Or the “Winter is coming” phrase? But I am sure your brother will be thrilled anyway!

    • Yeah I thought about adding Winter is Coming, I might end up doing it. However, after the feedback I am getting, which leaves me very happy :), I might just leave it as it is. Thanks Stella!

  2. Aww really like it! It is great to see presents being made for people they are always the most meaningful! And I like the idea of putting little cookies in the jar, you could even put a candle in the jar to give a warm effect! Really like it!

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