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Welcome to the jungle

Today my dad came over for a few minutes while I got something for him.

Immediately I became (even more) aware of the jungle that my apartment has become after I got addicted to transforming pots and light bulbs. Glass paint pots, Acrylic paint pots, Enamel spray cans, paint brushes, turpentine bottle, paint stained tissues, glue pots, glue tubes, painted pots, unpainted pots, yarn balls… good lord, I’m surprised my boyfriend hasn’t lost it yet! In fact, he hasn’t even complained once. Bless him.

So after I saw this picture I had a really good laugh. I’m sure anyone going through a similar creative spree will appreciate it:



6 thoughts on “Welcome to the jungle

    • Hahaha! It feels great though, doesn’t it? I mean, at least for me it’s great since I haven’t done much for a long time (almost a decade), and only had creativity (and with it, the whole thing where things don’t look like shit anymore, because they are not forced out of me) trickle out slowly for the past two years.
      This pot will take a really long time because the paint takes a long time to dry, and since the glass is curved I can only do a bit at a time, and with work and all else… hehe I am at work wanting to paint, all the time now. Grrr…

      • I’m so lucky with that! I’m a temp and it’s so quiet at work that I can get my crafting groove on 😀 It feels amazing, been about four years for me since I’ve been at university and it’s so hard to get the energy to do it 🙂

        Now I’m trying to figure out if there are ways to get the paint to dry quicker… Maybe if you set up a workstation with seven different pots so you can paint to your heart’s content and leave them to dry?

      • Yeah I have been thinking about that. It would have to be something small since the apartment is small. I’ll have to investigate some shops around here or look up ideas on the Internet.

        An easy way to get paint to dry is using a hair dryer. Not sure if it would cause cracking of the paint on some paints, so best test it first, and not use it at a high power, since it might cause the paint to slide.

  1. My husband and son have heroically been ignoring the 5 foot wide teepee that has been standing in the middle of our living room for the last week, not to mention that attendant piles of fabric and goodness only knows what else that I have casually strewn about. Their steadfast refusal to complain when ‘mum’s had another idea’ always amazes me, as does their lack of complaining as to why their dinner isn’t ready until a late hour as I’m busy ‘just finishing this bit’! …Sarah

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