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Carrot revisited

One of my very first posts in this blog was about my pet carrot that I had recently planted. I photographed it along with its pet, the orchid. See the link below to see the baby carrot photo:


That was back in November, and being the city dweller that I am, I thought a carrot would have upright shoots but quickly discovered that carrots, or at least this particular carrot, was rather floppy. I have tried my best to not let it flop to the ground.

The months went by without a problem, and I was quite surprised at the fact that no annoying parasite had tried to eat my carrot.

Enter spring…

Aphids, hundreds of aphids. I refused to use any pesticide on my carrot and patiently proceeded to manually remove the little buggars. Eventually they left my carrot alone (moved onto something better LOL) and I thought that would be the end of that.

Red spiders now -.-

Thousands of minute itsy bitsy freaking red spiders causing nasty brown spots on my lovely carrot. I decided to literally shower her twice or thrice a week to remove them, I hope it works.

The good news iiiis….. once again being the city dweller that I am, I thought that carrots reproduced via the roots… but no, it is by seeds, and they only give seeds every other year it seems. Today I discovered that despite all them nasty critters that are chewing at her, my pet carrot is blooming 🙂 … aw so cute.

Here she is in all her glory, brown spots and all, and some details of her blossoming. I placed her friend orchid near her for another family photo.

I have a question though… isn’t it weird to grow emotionally attached to a carrot?



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