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The dreaded moment has come

The inevitable has happened: Soon after the beginning of Game of Thrones’ third season, I couldn’t contain myself anymore and I picked up the books again, and I am now sitting next to the final book: A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast.

Damn you G.R.R Martin, damn you! Damn you for writing so well and yet so slow. I’d have to read one chapter a week to not have to wait ages for the next book, and even then it probably wouldn’t work.

Now that season 3 is over and I didn’t get the ending I so wanted *sigh*, I have to drown my sorrows in lovely cherries…


… and in my book.


I’m looking forward to see what happens to Tyrion, Cersei, Arya… aaaaand the rest I more or less know about from inadvertent reading in forums and yes, the ocassional curiosity attack, namely Jon Snow and Daenerys, not that it affected me much.

Let the reading commence!

Oh! Aaand just because I feel like it and I thought it was beautiful, here is a photo I took with my mobile of the sky, yesterday at the end of the day 🙂



2 thoughts on “The dreaded moment has come

    • Oh then you must must must see all the previous episodes and watch them from the start! You’ll love both the books and the series. I watched season one first, then started reading. I didn’t mind reading something I had just seen on t.v, that’s how good the books are 🙂 . I hope you have as much fun as I have with this story 🙂

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