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Jon Snow’s parentage – The best theory ever

This theory is by no means elaborated by myself (I have adopted it and defend it here), but I truly believe in it and think that it is absolutely perfect. I would like to share it with anyone who would like to read it.

As we all know, thusfar Jon Snow’s parentage remains a mystery, both in the series and in the books, so technically this is not a spoiler, but if you want to remain in the sweet bliss that is ignorance, please stop reading now. I mean it, I don’t want any bitching about “oh you ruined it for me”. Mkay?


I will explain the theory with key points/ historical facts in the story.

Rhaegar Targaryen falls completely in love with Lyanna Stark at the Tourney at Harrenhall

Rhaegar Targaryen crowns Lyanna Stark the Queen of Love and Beauty after winning the tourney, and not his wife, Elia Martell

Rhaegar Targaryen kidnaps Lyanna Stark

Robert Baratheon, betrothed to Lyanna and in love with her goes apeshit, starts a war.

Lyanna Stark is being held at the Tower of Joy, and was guarded by the remaining loyalist members of the Kingsguard (Arthur Dayne, Oswell Whent, Gerold Hightower).

Ned Stark arrives at the tower to save his sister, with some of his loyal friends (Cassel, Wull, Glover, Ryswell, Reed and Dustin).

They fight their way to the tower, only Ned and Howland Reed survive. During the fight, Lyanna screams up in the tower.

Once Ned reaches his sister, she is covered in blood and feverish.

Her last words to her brother were “Promise me, Ned.” Words that haunted Ned for the rest of his life.

Ok, those were the facts. Soooooo, the logic behind the theory is:

Why would Lyanna be covered in blood, and screaming atop a tower if she was being protected by the only remaining members of the Kingsguard, and Rhaegar loved her? Why such an elite guard guarding her? Because she was pregnant with Rhaegar’s son. She was giving birth at the tower, hence the blood and the screams.

The promise? Imagine this: “Ned, promise me you will take care of my baby. Promise me you’ll watch over him as if he were your own. Please don’t kill him because of what Rhaegar did, he is innocent, he is your blood, he is my blood.”

“Promise me, Ned.”


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Song of Ice and Fire, it is Lyanna Stark (ice) and Rhaegar Targaryen (fire), it is Jon Snow.


And I’m sticking to it *stomp*

P.s- Best part? Jon gets to call Daenerys “Aunty Danny”.


17 thoughts on “Jon Snow’s parentage – The best theory ever

  1. I agree as well. Rhaegar did love Lyanna. Remember marrying Elia was only for political reasons since King (Mad King) Aries couldn’t produce a sister for Rhaegar to marry. DON’T write anything back to me with further evidence as I am only half way through the 3rd book, A storm of swords . Much appreciated

    • It is a marvellous theory isn’t it? I really hope it is right. I am still reading too. I stopped for a while, hoping the Winds of Winter would come out this year, but doesn’t look that way. Anyways, with the season almost over I don’t think I can help myself but start reading again, and am just recapping a bit from where I left off. I am about to en the first half of the last book, Dreams and Dust 🙂 . Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. From what I know this “R + L = J” theory is very popular. And, you know, it just makes sense. Martin has said that his readers guess at a lot of theories and that the great majority of them are wrong, but this – I bet this one is true. It would also justify the whole “Jon = Azor Ahai (?)” thing re: Melisandre’s visions. Because we know that dope Stannis ain’t the true king.

    • Yes I think it is the most popular one and also the strongest one. It fits too well into everything, including Melissandre’s interest in him (and that obviously poor Stannis isn’t ‘the one’) and that


      Danny+Aegon+Jon could be the three heads of the dragon. The whole idea is very strange, just like the feeling I got when Stannis and Melissandre took their trip up north. It felt like aliens had arrived at the wall, like they really didn’t belong up there, much less the Lord of Light in the territory of the old gods.
      Also, even though I have not ended the books, I know Jon is going to be close to his death, so in that case the Lord of Light and Flames and what-not is more than welcome because he might bring him back to life :D.

  3. I support this theory completely! That being said since it is so logical it most likely wont be true because George gets mad when Fans figure stuff out and then rage changes things so they make no sense.

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    • It is something to leave one entertained while we wait for Martin to finish the next book. Only Howland would know about this and Bran could have a vision. Other than that, we have nothing. I could see Jon meeting Howland very soon in the books, he is, afterall, interested in gathering the Northern forces together.

  5. Great recap of the theory. I’m waiting on Howland Reed to come out of Greywater Watch and confirm.
    Ned often carefully calls Jon “of his blood”, instead of “son”, and it’s no wonder why Ned was so adamantly in opposition to Robert’s insistence of wiping out the Targaryens.
    When Jon and Ned separated at Winterfell, Ned promised to tell Jon about his mother when they next met. By then, Jon would have taken his vows and therefore been safe from any reprisals (theoretically) and his ancestry could be recognized.

    • Thank 🙂 I also think his uncle knows something too. I might be wrong but I think that he also told him something along the lines of “we will talk when I return”. I just thought it was too much to be a coincidence.

      But then I also think he might be Coldhands (though it was said that Coldhands died a long time ago, so probably not). I wonder if they ever find him.

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