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I just watched my very first episode of Bryan Fuller’s “Hannibal” and I found it delectable. It really is my cup of tea, serial killers, psychoanalysis, special effects, empathy, manipulation, blood, urges, evil, schemes, elegance, the hunt, the dance between minds…Fantastic!


I have read, however, that a season two is not yet guaranteed, far from it actually. I cannot understand why. The only ‘flaw’ I could point out is Mads Mikkelsen’s accent being a bit too hard to understand at times, he should work on it just a bit…Correction: his vowel pronunciation should be worked on just a little bit, his accent makes him all the more exotic and exquisite though… so nevermind.

Great series in my opinion, at least so far, and the sneak preview of episode two made me all the more eager to continue with my viewing! And I see Gillian Andersen is up soon! Yay!

Recent news: http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1152604-%E2%80%98hannibal%E2%80%99-season-2-amazon-and-cable-ready-for-pickup/


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