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Injecting materialism and ostentatiousness into the minds of kids

I don’t have any kids, yet. I used to tell myself I’d have one at the age of 30, and now I tell myself I’ll have one at 35.

Regardless of the fact that I am not having any baby urges (please brain/hormones, start your magic, the clock is ticking you know), I often think about what kind of mother I will be. Some things are pretty clear, as for example I will be more affectionate and playful than my own mother, I will reinforce discipline as subtely as I can, and respect, without creating a barrier between myself and the child, and I will hopefully be a very present and approachable parent.

One issue is: I might be a little over-protective. Example (today’s example): I work at a shop, in the office to be more specific, yet if I am not listening to the radio I can hear the conversations between the clerks and the clients. Today one of our clerks was talking to a mother, who was complaining that her small daughter did not want to have her ears pierced (to which I think ”her ears, her choice, not yours, you fiend”). Our clerk then tells the little girl ”Oh you have to have your ears pierced so mommy buys you some Hello Kitty earrings and a Hello Kitty ring! So your friends get aaalll envious of you. They be soooo envious you have them and theeey don’t!”.



I mean seriously, if I was that mother I would have told the clerk to please not say that to my child. She was actually encouraging the girl to be ostentatious, to enjoy causing envy and to be materialistic. People are already born with the ‘equipment’ to end up that way, kids certainly shouldn’t get the extra ‘push’ to become little bitches. Argh! I will seriously need to control myself. Hopefully my very very calm better half will help me in that department -.-.


2 thoughts on “Injecting materialism and ostentatiousness into the minds of kids

  1. I completely agree. We use possessions and food as our rewards and punishments, then wonder why we’re materialistic and have messed up relationships with food?
    Now if only I could think of an alternative, though, that would be something. But getting away from a world of self-worth based on envy is a primary step. Sorry, I should go to sleep.

    • 🙂 Rest assured that if I have a kid, I will do my very best to help him or her be a better human than myself.
      I hope your travels are going well and you keep getting memorable moments in your path. Don’t forget to check your boots before putting them on ;). And thanks for your comment!

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