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I am going to kill my Facebook account

Long overdue death.
No more looking at other people’s lives
More focusing on my own life
And I managed to download all my photos
I love my photos
They are a part of me, my life
Yay πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “I am going to kill my Facebook account

    • Wondering if you are like me, only using it for the nice photos, nice ideas and funny stuff.

      Most of the other stuff wasn’t that interesting, almost all was not contributing one bit to my personal growth, some of it was even annoying, like when you can see that a person is obsessed with posting stuff they did or own to boost their ego. I hate that. Part of the reason why I anony-blog. I just do this for me, and the unbiased input is always welcome πŸ™‚ .

      The only part I will miss are seeing photos of the closest friends, but then those I can always call up, e-mail, visit.

      If you ever decide to and are wondering how to save your photos, let me know!

      • You inspired me more than you know! I am in the middle of saving everything and letting those closest to me know. I will just be making a poet page that I’ll only occasionally check. A personal FB page just involved me being on there for hours and checking it constantly. Seeing all the random things every one would post… and you can’t forget about internet stalking. I just want to focus on my art and it has become a distraction/obsession. It just isn’t healthy.

    • Hah! A two-woman revolution.

      Exactly. Ever since I stopped paying as much attention to my account and what was going on in it I realise there is more time for things, I realise my brain is stretching, waking up from the stupor of futility, becoming more creative, more capable of producing. I’ve always had moments when creating is harder, it got worse with a relationship I had years ago, that almost drained me completely of my identity. Slowly it refilled, but it was never full to begin with lol (hopefully will get there as the years go by). Facebook just made the process even slower.

      Being here though, quite the opposite!

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