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Be happy, you are going on holidays


So, after a few years of no special holidays (still better than no holidays, I know), my boyfriend and I decide to go somewhere new. Turkey, all expenses payed, 8 days, 950 euros, wow… cheap! But then of course we want to go in July, so it’s more expensive… 995 euros, okaaaay, still cheap for all expenses and in a 4* hotel, with one internal flight and excursions with a guide and such. But then since I decided to book the hols so late, it’s 1.115 euros, 120 more per person… BUT… my boyfriend had to confirm with his boss that he could actually reeeeally go on hols then, and pay up without the risk of having him call him to work then… so, one day later aaaaand 40 more euros per person. Going now on 1.155 euros per person. Since I’d rather be safe than sorry, BAM! 22 more euros per person, insurance you see… 1.177 euros.

It’s reserved. I have the weekend to chew this over until it is a dry, hard lump (you know, like when you were a kid and your mother told you you couldn’t leave the table until you finished eating what you had in your mouth?). I hate spending money, and I hate seeing the value of what I have to spend grow as the minutes tick… grrrr. Really… grrr.

Update: I chewed it up and spat it out! Found the same for 1040 euros! WOoT!


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