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Last night’s dream

I have this one sometimes. It’s always funny to see how my brain works.

So last night I only went to sleep at 2 am, which would have been fine with me if I didn’t have to work the next day.

My alarm clock is the radio. Ok, so radio goes off, and I kiiiind of wake up, but not completely. When my brain knows I could do with more sleep, this ‘half awake half asleep’ phase is a phase that is very fertile in more lucid dreams, like my brain is telling me “ignore that shit, go back to sleep, here, have a dream, have another reality”.

So what did I dream? That I was 18 again, in my childhood bedroom, that I was looking at the timetable I always had stuck onto my closet door, and that I was checking if I had any important classes, or if I could go back to bed and skip the whole day.

Then reality bit and I remembered I’m past 30, and I can’t ‘skip’ work… *sigh*

Sneaky sneaky brain…


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