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Jessica Lange outdid herself

Jessica Lange outdid herself

Phenomenal performance by the amazing Jessica Lange in American Horror Story’s lastest episode “Continuum”!
The intensity of the emotions she felt in this scene were so clearly and intricately shown in her face. Absolute divine acting in those few seconds. She is a true artist.
Just perfect.


2 thoughts on “Jessica Lange outdid herself

  1. My husband and I were just discussing this. This was such a gripping performance from her. It really got to me and stayed with me long after the episode ended. All the next day I kept thinking back on it. I love this woman. Phenomenal indeed!

  2. Good to see you 2 felt the same as I after seeing what she accomplished there. It is not often I watch an actor representing and go “whoah” in my mind (It was so amazing I actually replayed the scene a couple of times). I hope many others spot this performance and enjoy it as much as we obviously did! :). Hope she gets rewarded for her work here too. I am sure she will 🙂

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