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Which tablet?

I am entertaining the idea of purchasing a tablet for the first time.

What got me interested at first was the Galaxy Note… I really liked its versatility, all the details, it’s presentation and all of its potential. I’d be using it for work, with spreadsheets and simple functions, but the rest would be for me to take photos, draw, plan, watch videos and generally mess about.

The price is a bit high, I can buy it without a problem other than the fact that I hate spending money.

Then the other con: the phone (it is a con for me, believe it ir not). I already have a good htc mobile phone, I feel there is no need to get a new one.

I am so very far from being a techy. Is there anybody out there that could help me pick out a good tablet that has the same things I said I liked about the galaxy note? The galaxy tab 2 perhaps (although it seems to have less image/art software than the Note, from what I read)? Or the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700? Heeelp!


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