Loved this one from Filmologìe of monsters and little princesses.

Of monsters and little princesses

Frances Conroy love!

Dark Cousin american horror story asylum

American Horror Story S02E07: “Dark Cousin

I don’t want to speak for my fellow man and particularly not people as intelligent and well-rounded as you guys are, but my attention span is the worst these days. I don’t remember anything and that sometimes includes my phone number and parents’ faces. But you know what? I decline to blame myself. No, I blame television. It has ruined me! At some point television delicately hammered an ice pick into my eye socket and now here we are. I only like loud, shiny, or shirtless things and everything else just coasts over my head like so much electronic fog. But that’s probably the reason why I love American Horror Story with the type of fervent passion to rival the— See, I forgot where I was going with that. Oh right, American Horror Story‘s brilliance: It’s basically custom-made…

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