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My thoughts on American Horror Story episode 7 “Dark Cousin”

Well, what can I say? It had to happen eventually: an episode that let me down. Still not bad to love 6 out of 7 episodes (some more than others, of course).

Let’s start with what I did not like:


Dr. Thredson raping her was, as he said, a bad move. The “impasse” he created by doing this meant that Lana could no longer be that divine, pure, loving, protective and nurturing image he had longed for for so long.
He broke his toy.
At the same time, he could no longer be the innocent, vulnerable and loved child he so wanted to be.
He became corrupted, and they could never go back and start over.

So much work for nothing. Thredson is very irresponsible with his toys. He has no self control and should be very disappointed with himself.

Still on the topic of Lana: I always feel frustrated when women are portrayed as creatures that are unable to kill (that means most of the times). Granted that they didn’t want to kill Thredson off  in the series just yet, but this is my personal feeling, and given the chance (which Lana did have as he layed there unconscious), I would have made sure he died, even if it meant ripping off his jugular with my my own teeth.

Still on Lana: Getting into a car with yet another male mental case? Really? Utter overkill. It is just too much bad luck and they really overdid it. And how about sending her to a normal hospital no? Oh no no, let’s send the Jane Doe to the funny farm, they’ll fix her up way better there!


Still no Pepper, and I don’t like that, ok?

Grace & Kit

It felt rushed. It felt like they were rushed into disaster because someone responsible for the series was in a hurry.

Sister Jude

I am getting a bit tired of her being or feeling so weak, and dwelling so much in her feelings of guilt. Get your shit together woman! Where did you leave that assertive, calculative, vindictive and harsh side of yours? Now that she knows she is in fact not a cowardly murderess (well, not a murderess at least), it might happen faster.

Sister Jude1

I can’t wait for her to pick herself up again so she can proceed to kick some demon or nazi ass. I am hoping this low only serves as an emphasis for the epic high and monumental amount of whoop ass she is about to serve soon (preferably to Dr. Arden please).

Now, what I liked:

Sister Satan’s lines:
“But… I mean… Since you appear to be all thumbs, surely one of them is green.”

“That’s rich, Arthur.”

“I hope this clarifies the chain of command Arthur.”

Sister Satan vs Ultimate Angel


The whole dialogue and the acting, the mood, the fallen angel feeling fear, the dark angel remaining so calm and centered, so powerful. I loved it. I have always loved stories with the eternal conflict between both of these sides.

Now, episode 8 teaser:

Insane Santa seems too far fetched (yes, even for a series with aliens, angels and demons and nazi mad scientists).

My conclusion:

For such an exquisite series to have one episode that had so many overkill moments and such a rushed feeling to it is a bit disappointing. I feel that the level of excellence could have been upheld if some more care and thought had been applied.

Knowing that Lana will eventually have more “sessions” with Dr. Thredson doesn’t really scare me anymore. It’s like “meh, yeah, he’s done it all, he just has to kill her off now, since he can’t play with her anymore”. Of course I hope he dies a horrible slow death and that Lana finally finds freedom and peace (not by dying :P).

The Fallen Angel vs Ultimate Angel relationship is the only thing right now that has me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait until they meet again.

Ah and Pepper, still anxiously waiting for news on her.


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