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Asylum’s episode 7 “Dark Cousin”

I just watched the new teaser with more attention. And what did I see/ think I saw?

Still no Pepper. (right)

Grace summons a dark angel to help her? Oh man, don’t tell me the aliens implanted an angel (frequently compared or assumed to be aliens in many theories) into Grace! (so wrong)

Sister Satan is gonna get pre-tty mad with Grace for summoning/ giving birth to an Angel, and will set Dr. Arden on her (oh dear). (wrong)

Sister Satan places Dr. Arden in his proper place. (well duh)

Lana banana is visited by the dark angel. She tells her she is not ready to die, the angel says she comes when she is called. Does this mean Lana has to die? That is it her time? Or is it just the teaser guy putting that sentence there right after Lana says she doesn’t want to die to make me think that? Or does she say that but she is only there to help her? (mostly right)

Lana will get into a physical fight with Dr. Thredson. (right)

Sister Jude will commit suicide (0:25) ( I hope she fails, I like her). (rightish)

The dark angel visits Sam Goodman, a.k.a the nazi hunter (dead/alive?) in his bathroom (0:11). Hmmmm… (well, yes)

Please add anything you think I have missed!


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