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I love horror movies, well, good horror movies. Seldom do I find one that gives me a real adrenaline rush, or that surprises me, or that seems to be extremely well planned out, with rich details, twisted turns, new depths of cruelty.

Mind you I’m no sicko. But I do like a good scare, if it comes from a screen.

Today I watched the most recent episode in season 2 of American Horror Story: episode 5. It-was-perfection. I don’t think I have ever seen such a great episode.

Not to give out spoilers, but it really sank into new levels of horrifickness. It really brought out strong emotions, I was utterly surprised and immersed in one of the character’s perdicament.

Needless to say: Lana, I will pray for you until next week.

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3 thoughts on “Asylum

  1. I will be GUTTED if Lana doesn’t make it out alive 😦 Although, thinking about it, if Bloody Face really did kill the honeymooning couple (or was it a copycat of a copycat?), then it is possible Lana is dead and Dr. Thredson is still around – which is a HORRIFYING thought :-/

    • I read somewhere that Dr. Thredson’s “interests” were probably base on those of Ilse Koch. I just saw a documentary on her on Youtube. She was a nasty, sick piece of work:

      p.s- might be socking to some people, viewer discretion is advised

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