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My buttons

As a kid, I’d often sit on the floor at my granma’s house and open up her box of buttons. I’d spend hours playing with these buttons, making drawings with them, looking for the prettiest ones, gathering up the mother of pearl ones… I loved the sound they would make in their metal box, when I shook it.

My grandmother passed away recently. Soon after I remembered the box. Nobody could give it as much importance as I did. I asked where it could be, as it was not where it used to be when I was a kid. I was told it had been thrown away. I was sad.

A few months later I was going through the drawers at my grandparent’s house, looking for some important papers, and I found the box, and all its buttons. The fact that I thought I had lost it forever only made me even happier to find it.

I brought the box to my house, sat on my bed, opened it, and started doing exactly what I used to do as a kid, and it entertained me, and soothed me just as much as it did when I was a kid.

Months before she died I saw a beautiful tree made out of buttons, I even shared this picture with my friends on FB. I was thinking about making something similar with some of my buttons. They would always be in sight then :), and always there to remind me of my inner child.

Right now I have them layed out, ready for the next step. I have to create a background, and find a proprer glue. I already found a good site that will help me do this.

I will add photos as work progresses.


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